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Sonic Blow (Skill ID# 136)
Type Offensive Max Lv 10Attack Type Weapon property, Melee, Physical attack
SP Cost14 + 2*SkillLV TargetEnemyRange1 cells
Requirements (May vary for different classes, view skill by classes is recommended)
Katar Mastery Lv 4
Required ForGrimtooth (Lv 5, Assassin), Meteor Assault (Lv 5, Assassin Cross), Cross Impact (Lv 10, Guillotine Cross), Rolling Cutter (Lv 10, Guillotine Cross)
Effect Duration5 sec
Req. Weapon ClassKatar
EffectA series of 8 fast hits for a total modified ATK of (400+40*SkillLV)% with a (10+2*SkillLV)% chance to stun the target. The damage is applied instantly, even though the animation takes some time. The skill can miss and can only be used with Katars.
Other Notes
  • Skill's delay is not affected by Magic Strings / Bragi
1440% ATK 12% Stun
2480% ATK 14% Stun
3520% ATK 16% Stun
4560% ATK 18% Stun
5600% ATK 20% Stun
6640% ATK 22% Stun
7680% ATK 24% Stun
8720% ATK 26% Stun
9760% ATK 28% Stun
10800% ATK 30% Stun

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