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Raid [Skill can hit trap-type skill] (Skill ID# 214, iRO Name: Sightless Mind)
Type Offensive Max Lv 5Attack Type Use Weapon Property, Weapon
SP Cost20 TargetSelfRangeWeapon Range
Area7 x 7 cells
Requirements (May vary for different classes, view skill by classes is recommended)
Back Stab Lv 2, Tunnel Drive Lv 2
Required ForIntimidate (Lv 5, Rogue)
Stay Duration5 sec
Effect Duration[Pre-Renewal: 30 sec]
[Renewal: 20 sec]
Required StatusHiding
EffectAttacks and deals damage to all targets in a 7x7 area (Pre-Renewal: 3x3). Has a chance to cause Stun and Blind on targets that are hit by this skill. The caster must be in Hiding status to use this skill.
Other Notes
  • Skill is usable while hiding
1140% Attack, 13% Chance to Stun / Blind
2180% Attack, 16% Chance to Stun / Blind
3220% Attack, 19% Chance to Stun / Blind
4260% Attack, 22% Chance to Stun / Blind
5300% Attack, 25% Chance to Stun / Blind

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