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Magic Gear License (Skill ID# 2255, iRO Name: Madogear License)
Type Passive Max Lv 5
Required ForBoost Knuckle (Lv 1, Mechanic), Acceleration (Lv 1, Mechanic), Mainframe Restructure (Lv 4, Mechanic), Repair (Lv 2, Mechanic)
EffectAllows the Mechanic to use Mado Gear (Also known as Magic Gear). Higher Level Increases ATK and decreases the movement penalty in Mado Gear.
Other Notes
1+15 ATK, Movement Speed -40%
2+30 ATK, Movement Speed -30%
3+45 ATK, Movement Speed -20%
4+60 ATK, Movement Speed -10%
5+75 ATK, No Movement Speed penalty

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