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Joint Beat (Skill ID# 399, iRO Name: Vital Strike)
Type Offensive Max Lv 10Attack Type Use Weapon Property
SP CostSee Effect TargetEnemyRange4 cells
Requirements (May vary for different classes, view skill by classes is recommended)
Spear Mastery Lv 9, Cavalry Mastery Lv 3, Head Crush Lv 3
Effect Duration30 sec
Req. Weapon ClassOne-handed Spear, Two-handed Spear
EffectYou can only use this skill with a Spear-type weapon. You will strike at the joints of the enemy's body, causing various harmful status ailments as well as damage.
Higher level increases the damage and chance to cause status ailment to the enemy. As always VIT DEF protects against the status alignments.
Possible ailments:
1. Ankle Break: MoveSpeed reduced by 50%.
2. Wrist Break: ASPD reduced by 25%.
3. Knee Break: MoveSpeed reduced by 30%, ASPD reduced by 10%.
4. Shoulder Break: DEF reduced by 50%.
5. Waist Break: DEF reduced by 25%, ATK reduced by 25%.
6. Neck Break: Increase your damage by 2x, CRIT effect, and 30 second forced 'bleeding' status ailment
Other Notes
160% ATK, inflict status 10%, 12 SP
270% ATK, inflict status 15%, 12 SP
380% ATK, inflict status 20%, 14 SP
490% ATK, inflict status 25%, 14 SP
5100% ATK, inflict status 30%, 16 SP
6110% ATK, inflict status 35%, 16 SP
7120% ATK, inflict status 40%, 18 SP
8130% ATK, inflict status 45%, 18 SP
9140% ATK, inflict status 50%, 20 SP
10150% ATK, inflict status 55%, 20 SP

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