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Ayothaya Dungeon Entrance Quest

Getting to Ayothaya


In Alberta, the dock at the lower right corner.
Ingredient(s) Product(s)
Not ApplicableNot Applicable
To get to Ayothaya, you must talk to the Aibakthing in Alberta, he will charge you 10,000z for a round trip.

Ayothaya Dungeon Quest - Step 1 :: Dusit


On the west beach area in Ayothaya
Ingredient(s) Product(s)
Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Talk to him, shows interest in his story. When he asks if you believe in man-eating tigers, answer yes. If you choose the menu options correctly, he should refer you to talk to Boonthom.

Ayothaya Dungeon Quest - Step 2 :: Shaman Boonthom


A house just a little below the beach from Dusit
Ingredient(s) Product(s)
Needle Packet x 1
Spool x 1
Solid Husk x 1
Holy Water x 1
Holy Threads
Talk to her, she will tell you a little about the Sa-mhing Tiger. Tell her you want to explore the ancient ruins. She will ask you to bring her some items in order to make an object to protect you in the ruins. So just hunt the items and get back to her.

You can get the holy water from priests or acolytes. The other items are common drops from niflheim and umbala dungeon monsters.

Ayothaya Dungeon Quest - Step 3 :: Access to Level 1


Exit Ayothaya from the east
walk straight to get to the edge of the dark area
Ingredient(s) Product(s)
Holy ThreadsNot Applicable
Now, you are ready to enter the dungeon. But just level 1 access. Talk to Puraim with the Holy Threads in your inventory. He will warp you in.

He basically just push you off the hill so expect about a 10% hp loss in the process.

Ayothaya Dungeon Quest - Step 4 :: Stone Slates

Ingredient(s) Product(s)
Holy ThreadsNot Applicable
On the field, head for the dungeon entrance. Once you are in there, just facing the entrance there are 3 paths to the north and 3 paths to the west. Take the Left most path of the 3 north paths (marked with a green rectangle and the 'start' letters on the map below). Once you start on that path, an npc window will appear. It will show 6 marks on your minimap screen, you have to get to all 6 marked points in the order marked by the map below. Once you read all messages on all 6 stone slates, you can get back to Boonthom.

Becareful of the holes located at the 4 corners of the map, you can fall into them and die from it.

Ayothaya Dungeon Quest - Step 5 :: Access to Level 2


Same NPC as step 2.
Ingredient(s) Product(s)
Holy Water x 2
Yggdrasil Leaf x 1
Needle Packet x 2
Spool x 2
Holier Threads
So you are back to her with the messages you gathered in level 1 of the dungeon. You show them to her and she will ask you for some items in order to make you the Holier Threads. You will need the Holier Threads which contain even more holy protection in order to enter the 2nd floor of the dungeon.

Ayothaya Dungeon Quest - Step 6 :: Path to level 2

Ingredient(s) Product(s)
Holier ThreadsNot Applicable
With the Holier Threads in your inventory, now you should be able to enter level 2 from the top left portal of level 1.

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