.:RateMyServer.Net Review System Guidelines:.

Review Guidelines

First, the review must be an honest opinion from you about the server.
If your reviews contain one or more of the following, they will be deleted:

  • Reviews that do not give any explanation for the score given (no matter the score is high or low) will be deleted. i.e. "Best Server out there!", "Join Join Join <3", "This server SUCKS!", "GM corrupted the server. 10/100" Why "gm corrupted" will be deleted? Because it does not give a fair score with respect to the Stability/Availability etc.
  • Reviews consisting of trolling, spamming and/or personal attack.
  • Reviews consisting of language that is unacceptable to our site.
  • Reviews that mention the name of other server or person (Depend on usage).
  • Reviews consisting of link(s) to third party image or site (Depend on usage).
  • Reviews regarding fraudulent practices. In case of reporting fraudulent practices, you should directly with proof such as URL or screenshots. Writing a review of that sort will be deleted if without proof. If the server is found guilty we will remove the server with its reviews altogether.
  • Reviews that complain about the inability to connect to a server's site or download a server's patch files. If you cannot connect to the server or can't download their patch files. Simply do not review it. Only review when you have been on the server.
  • Reviews with intent to increase or decrease the server's ranking.
  • Reviews that refer to the review of others (this is not a forum).
  • Reviews that are considered as sales pitches that tell nothing about the server. (That is not the meaning of writing a review.)

Please contact us at if you would like to appeal for a review made in your server listing.