.:RateMyServer.Net Review System Guidelines:.

Review Guidelines

First, the review must be an honest opinion based on your experience.
If your reviews contain one or more of the following, they will be deleted:

  • Reviews that do not give enough explanation corresponding to the score given.
  • Reviews consisting of trolling, spamming and/or linking to unrelated material.
  • Reviews consisting of foul languages, insults, personal attacks and/or personal information.
  • Reviews written before playing the server.
    The inability to connect to the server or technical issue before playing should be resolved by contacting the server directly.
  • Reviews written as a report of violating our terms of services.
    A server that is caught in violation will have its listing removed. Please contact us with your findings.
  • Reviews that reply, support and/or attack the review of others.
    The review system is not meant to be used for discussion. Our forum is a more suitable platform for player interaction.
If a server is giving points, items or reward incentives in exchange for review, please . It is against our Terms of Services and will result in a suspension to the server listing.

Please contact us at if you would like to appeal for a review made in your server listing.

Review Category Definitions

Our default ranking system ranks servers by total score, from highest to lowest. The total score is the sum resulted from adding up scores given by all reviews made on a server.

Server - Stability
The overall crash and freeze rating that a player would give to the server. The higher the rating, the less it crashes/freezes.

Server - Availibility
How often is the server accessible? Is the server up 24/7? Is there a lot of down time (because of a crash, system downtime, or manual shutdown)? The higher the rating, the more often the server is up.

Community - Friendliness
How friendly is community? Are the players willing to help each other? Is it easy to find party to farm or hunt together?

Community - Eventfulness
How often does the server host player events? Special events? Such as PvP tournament, racing, or hide and seek. The higher the rating, the more events.

Gamemasters - Friendliness
How friendly are the game masters? Do they kill players out of pure spite or are they reasonable in actions?

Gamemasters - Availability
How often are the game masters available for support? The higher the rating, the more often they are online and available to help.

Gamemasters - Helpfulness
How helpful are the game masters? Are the game masters able to answer questions related to the server and solve player problems?

Game-Play - Economy
How balanced is the server economy? Are there significant amount of players with too much zeny? Are players willing to hunt items? Is zeny worth anything? The lower the rating, the poorer the economy.

Game-Play - Guild Competition (or Guild Play)
Is it easy to find and join an active guild? Is there competition between guilds or is there one guild that dominating the game? The higher the rating, the more balanced the guild competitions are.

Game-Play - Class Balance
Are classes and skills balanced to allow a variety of builds? For example, is there a certain class that is too strong or a certain skill that is too powerful? The lower the rating, the more imbalanced the server.

Review Score Explanations

Positive Review
A positive review is a review with score higher than 75.

Neutral Review
A neutral review is a review with score between 50 and 75.
Owner reply is allowed on a neutral review.

Negative Review
A negative review is a review with a score below 50.
Owner reply is recommended on a negative review.