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Bard Job Quest

Bard Job Quest - Registration

Wandering Bard
comodo (226, 123)

A few steps southeast from Comodo Center
Ingredient(s) Product(s)
Hinalle x 1

-- -- OR -- --
Ment x 1

-- -- OR -- --
Singing Flower x 1

-- -- OR -- --
Illusion Flower x 1

-- -- OR -- --
Witherless Rose x 1

-- -- OR -- --
Izidor x 1

-- -- OR -- --
Aloe x 1

-- -- OR -- --
Frozen Rose x 1
Not Applicable
Talk to him a few times, ask him to sing for you. If you choose the correct menu options he will tell you he can help you to become a bard.

If you want to be a Bard, you have to bring him a flower.
You cannot bring him any buyable flower except Witherless Rose which is sold
1) From a Trader near the east exit of Morroc
2) From the Gift Merchant in a shop east of Lutie
3) From Flower Girl at the lower left corner of Lighthalzen

See the other possible flowers of choice listed above also.

Once you done that, he will tell you to bring a present from a talking snowman named Jack Frost in Lutie and also to become friend with the people there. All these means that you have to complete the Lutie Snowman Quest and come back. See related quest section below for Lutie Snowman Quest Guide.

Requirements: You must be an Archer at job level 40 or higher in order to start the quest.
Related Quests:
Lutie Snowman Quest

Bard Job Quest - Q & A and Job Change

Wandering Bard

Ingredient(s) Product(s)
Not ApplicableNot Applicable
After you come back from Lutie, he will give you a singing test. All you have to do is pay attention to what he sing and 'sing' exactly as him when it is your turn. Remember to read carefully on the capitalization and punctuation.

After you pass, you have two options. You can choose to change into a Bard right away. Or you can decide to get a present from him.

If you choose to get a present, you have to bring him some trunks. Read the next part for the possible presents made from each type of trunks.

Bard Job Quest - Optional Present

Wandering Bard

Ingredient(s) Product(s)

-- For Lute[2] --
Fine-grained Trunk x 60

-- For Mandolin[2] --
Solid Trunk x 60

-- For Mandolin[2] --
Barren Trunk x 60

-- For Violin[3] --
Trunk x 60

-- For Harp[2] if you are Job 50 --
Fine-grained Trunk x 60

-- Fine-grained Trunk --
Lute [2] x 1

-- Solid Trunk --
Mandolin [2] x 1

-- Barren Trunk --
Mandolin [2] x 1

-- Trunk --
Violin [3] x 1

-- Fine-grained Trunk & Job 50 --
Harp [2] x 1
Depending on which type of trunk you bring him, he'll give you a different piece of equipment.

The only special case is if you are at Job level 50 and you bring him 60 Fine-grained Trunk, you'll get a Harp[2].

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