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F Abrasive (F_Abrasive)
F Adrenaline Scroll (F_Adrenaline_Scroll)
F Agi Dish10 (F_Agi_Dish10_)
F Aspersio 5 Scroll (F_Aspersio_5_Scroll)
F B Def Potion (F_B_Def_Potion)
F B Mdef Potion (F_B_Mdef_Potion)
F Battle Manual (F_Battle_Manual)
F Blessing 10 Scroll (F_Blessing_10_Scroll)
F Bubble Gum (F_Bubble_Gum)
F Clothing Dye Coupon (F_Clothing_Dye_Coupon)
F Clothing Dye Coupon2 (F_Clothing_Dye_Coupon2)
F Convex Mirror (F_Convex_Mirror)
F Dex Dish10 (F_Dex_Dish10_)
F Dun Tele Scroll1 (F_Dun_Tele_Scroll1)
F Enriched Elunium (F_Enriched_Elunium)
F Enriched Oridecon (F_Enriched_Oridecon)
F Giant Fly Wing (F_Giant_Fly_Wing)
F Glass Of Illusion (F_Glass_Of_Illusion)
F Greed Scroll (F_Greed_Scroll)
F Happy Box (F_Happy_Box)
F Inc Agi 10 Scroll (F_Inc_Agi_10_Scroll)
F Insurance (F_Insurance)
F Int Dish10 (F_Int_Dish10_)
F Kafra Card (F_Kafra_Card)
F Luk Dish10 (F_Luk_Dish10_)
F Marriage Covenant (F_Marriage_Covenant)
F Max Weight Up Scroll (F_Max_Weight_Up_Scroll)
F Med Life Potion (F_Med_Life_Potion)
F Mysterious Dyestuff (F_Mysterious_Dyestuff)
F Neuralizer (F_Neuralizer)
F New Style Coupon (F_New_Style_Coupon)
F Regeneration Potion (F_Regeneration_Potion)
F S Def Potion (F_S_Def_Potion)
F S Mdef Potion (F_S_Mdef_Potion)
F Small Life Potion (F_Small_Life_Potion)
F Str Dish10 (F_Str_Dish10_)
F Token Of Siegfried (F_Token_Of_Siegfried)
F Vit Dish10 (F_Vit_Dish10_)
F Wind Walk 10 Scroll (F_Wind_Walk_10_Scroll)
F WOB Local (F_WOB_Local)
F WOB Rachel (F_WOB_Rachel)
F WOB Rune (F_WOB_Rune)
F WOB Schwarz (F_WOB_Schwaltz)
Fabre Card (Fabre_Card)
Fabric (Transparent_Cloth)
Face Paint (Face_Paint)
Fade Notation Blue (Fade_Notation_Blue)
Fade Notation Green (Fade_Notation_Green)
Fade Notation Purple (Fade_Notation_Purple)
Fade Notation Red (Fade_Notation_Red)
Fairy Flower (Flower_Of_Fairy)
Falchion (Falchion)
Falchion (Falchion_)
Falchion (Falchion__)
Falcon Flute (Falcon_Flute)
Falcon Food (Falcon's_Feed)
Falcon Muffler (Falcon_Robe)
Falken Blitz (Falken_Blitz)
Fallen Bishop Hibram Card (Fallen_Bishop_Card)
Falmons F (Digestive_F)
False Angel Card (Fake_Angel_Card)
False Angel Wing (Fake_Angel_Wing)
False Heaven Ring (Fake_Angel_Loop)
Familiar Card (Farmiliar_Card)
Family Hat (Family_Hat)
Family Portrait (Family_Portrait)
Fan Of Wind (Fan_Of_Wind)
Fancy Ball Box (Masquerade_Ball_Box)
Fancy Flower (Fancy_Flower)
Fang (Sharpened_Cuspid)
Fang of Hatii (Fang_Of_Garm)
Fanta Grape (Fanta_Grape)
Fanta Grape Can Hat (Fanta_Grape_Can)
Fanta Orange (Fanta_Orange)
Fanta Orange Can Hat (Fanta_Orange_Can)
Fanta Zero Lemon (Fanta_Zero_Lemon)
Fanta Zero Lemon Hat (Fanta_Zero_Lemon_Hat)
Fantastic Cooking Kit (Fantastic_Cooking_Kits)
Fantastic Pumpkin-Head (Pumpkin_Hat_)
Fantastic Wig (Fantastic_Wig)
Fashion Glasses (Fashionable_Glasses)
Fashion Hip Sack (Fashionable_Sack)
Fashionable Glasses (Fashion_Sunglass)
Father's Mask (Flu_Mask_F)
Father's Sunglasses (Sunglasses_F)
Father's White Moustache (Granpa_Beard_F)
Fatty Chubby Earthworm (Fatty_Chubby_Earthworm)
Feather (Feather)
Feather Beret (Feather_Beret)
Feather Bonnet (Feather_Bonnet)
Feather of Angel Wing (Feather_Of_Angel)
Feather of Birds (Feather_Of_Birds)
Fell Poison Kunai (Kunai_Of_Deadly_Poison)
Female Thief Bug Card (Thief_Bug_Female_Card)
Fencer Scroll 1 (SwordMercenary_Scroll1)
Fencer Scroll 10 (SwordMercenary_Scroll10)
Fencer Scroll 2 (SwordMercenary_Scroll2)
Fencer Scroll 3 (SwordMercenary_Scroll3)
Fencer Scroll 4 (SwordMercenary_Scroll4)
Fencer Scroll 5 (SwordMercenary_Scroll5)
Fencer Scroll 6 (SwordMercenary_Scroll6)
Fencer Scroll 7 (SwordMercenary_Scroll7)
Fencer Scroll 8 (SwordMercenary_Scroll8)
Fencer Scroll 9 (SwordMercenary_Scroll9)
Festival Bunny Band (Fest_Bunny_Band)
Festival Grand Circlet (Fest_Lord_Circlet)
Festival Mask (Festival_Mask)
Festival Pumpkin Hat (Pumpkin_Hat_H)
Festival Ticket (Festival_Ticket)
Feudal Lord Permit (Lord's_Passable_Ticket)
Field Manual (Comp_Battle_Manual)
Field Manual 100% (Battle_Manual100)
Field Manual 100% Box (Battle_Manual100_Box)
Field Manual 2 Box (Field_Manual_Box_2)
Field Manual 25% (Battle_Manual25)
Field Manual 25% Box (Battle_Manual25_Box)
Field Manual 300% (Battle_Manual_X3)
Field Manual 300% Box (Battle_Manual_X3_Box)
Field Manual 5 Box (Battle_Manual_Box5)
Field Manual Box (Battle_Manual_Box1)
Field Manual Box (Mbl_Battle_Manual_Box)
Field Manual Box (F_Battle_Manual_Box1)
Field Shovel (Field_Shovel)
Fierce Cacao 99% (Cacao99)
Fifth Stage Prize (5th_Stage_Prize)
Fig Leaf (Leaf_Clothes)
File Folder (File01)
Filir Hat (Filir_Hat)
Filir's Pinions (Filir_Wing)
Fin (Fin)
Fin Helm (Fin_Helm)
Fine Grit (Fine_Grit)
Fine Noodles (Fine_Noodle)
Fine Sand (Fine_Sand)
Fine-grained Trunk (Tree_Of_Archer_1)
Finger (Finger)
Finger (Finger_)
Fire Amulet (Charm_Fire)
Fire Arrow (Fire_Arrow)
Fire Arrow Quiver (Fire_Arrow_Container)
Fire Converter Box (Fire_Converter_Box)
Fire Dragon Scale (Scale_Of_Red_Dragon)
Fireblend (Fire_Brand)
Firecracker (Fire_Cracker)
Firelock Soldier Card (Antique_Firelock_Card)
Fireproof Potion (Resist_Fire)
First Aid Kit (First_Aid_Kit)
First Stage Prize (1st_Stage_Prize)
Fischer Ring (Fisher_Ring)
Fish Cake Soup (Fish_Ball_Soup)
Fish Head Hat (Fish_Head_Hat)
Fish Head Hat Box (Fish_Head_Hat_Box)
Fish Head Hat Box (F_Fish_Head_Hat_Box)
Fish In Mouth (Fish_In_Mouth)
Fish Pin (Fish_Pin)
Fish Slice Box (Superb_Fish_Slice_Box)
Fish Tail (Fish_Tail)
Fish With Blue Back (Fish_With_Blue_Back)
Fisher Ring Box (Fisher_Ring_Box)
Fisher Ring Box II (Fisher_Ring_Box2)
Fisher's Boots (Fish_Shoes)
Fisher's Muffler (Fisher's_Muffler)
Fisherman Scroll (TW_Scroll01)
Fisherman's Dagger (Fisherman's_Dagger)
Fisherman's Hat (Fisherman_Hat)
Fist (Fist)
Fist (Fist_)
Fist (Fist_C)
Fit Pipe (Fit_Pipe)
Flail (Flail)
Flail (Flail_)
Flail (Flail__)
Flail Goblin Egg (Flail_Goblin_Egg)
Flail Goblin Ring (Flail_Goblin_Ring)
Flail Goblin Taming Box (Flail_Goblin_Box)
Flamberge (Flamberge)
Flamberge (Flamberge_)
Flamberge (Flamberge_C)
Flame Gemstone (Flame_Gemstone)
Flame Heart (Flame_Heart)
Flame Manteau of Naght Sieger (Flame_Manteau)
Flame Skull Card (Flame_Skull_Card)
Flame Stone (Flame_Stone)
Flame Thrower (Flame_Thrower)
Flapping Angel Wing (Flying_Angel)
Flapping Angel Wing (Flying_Angel_)
Flapping Angeling (Angeling_Wanna_Fly)
Flare Sphere (Flare_Sphere)
Flare Sphere Pack (Sphere_Case_Fire)
Flash Arrow (Flash_Arrow)
Flash Shuriken (Flash_Shuriken)
Flashlight (Headlamp)
Flavored Alcohol (Flavored_Alcohol)
FLEE+12 (Evasion12)
FLEE+6 (Evasion6)
Flexible Tube (Tube)
Flora Card (Flora_Card)
Flour (Flour)
Flower (Flower)
Flower (First_Leaf_Tea)
Flower Band (Flower_Hairband)
Flower Crown (Flower_Coronet)
Flower Hairpin (Flower_Hairpin)
Flower Hat (First_Leaf_Tea_Hat)
Flower Lily (Lotus_Flower_Hat)
Flower Of Alfheim (Flower_Of_Alfheim)
Flower Ring (Flower_Ring)
Flu Mask (Flu_Mask)
Flu Mask (Flu_Mask_)
Fluff (Fluff)
Fluorescent Liquid (Fluorescent_Liquid)
Fly Wing (Wing_Of_Fly)
Flying Angel Box (Flying_Angel_Box)
Flying Angel Box (F_Flying_Angel_Box)
Flying Evil Wing (Satanic_Chain_P)
Folding Fan of Cat Ghost (Fan)
Food Box Vol 1 (Food_Box_Lv1)
Food Box Vol 2 (Food_Box_Lv2)
Food Box Vol 3 (Food_Box_Lv3)
Food Exchange Ticket (Food_Ticket)
Foolishness of the Blind (Foolishness_Of_Blind)
Fools Day Box Tw (Fools_Day_Box_Tw)
Fools Day Hat (Fools_Day_Hat)
Fools Day Helmet (Fools_Day_Helmet)
Foot Ring (Foot_Ring)
Forbidden Red Candle (Prohibition_Red_Candle)
Forbidden Secret Art (Forbidden_Secret_Art)
Fore Flank Sirloin (Fore_Flank_Sirloin)
Formal Suit (Formal_Suit)
Fortune Cookie Fail (Fortune_Cookie_Fail)
Fortune Cookie1 (Fortune_Cookie1)
Fortune Cookie2 (Fortune_Cookie2)
Fortune Cookie3 (Fortune_Cookie3)
Fortune Horn (Baphomet's_Horn)
Fortune Sword (Forturn_Sword)
Fortune Sword (Fortune_Sword_I)
Four Leaf Clover (Four_Leaf_Clover)
Fourth Stage Prize (4th_Stage_Prize)
Fox Hat (Fox_Hat)
Fragment (Mystery_Piece)
Fragment of Agony (Piece_Of_Memory_Green)
Fragment of Darkness (Dark_Debris)
Fragment of Despair (Piece_Of_Memory_Red)
Fragment of Hatred (Piece_Of_Memory_Blue)
Fragment Of Memory (Particle_Of_Memory)
Fragment of Misery (Piece_Of_Memory_Purple)
Fragment of Rossata Stone (Rojerta_Piece)
France Holiday Hat (Phrygian_Cap_)
Free Cash Coupon (Free_Cash_Coupon)
Free Coupon 1 (Fawner_Coupon1)
Free Coupon 2 (Fawner_Coupon2)
Free Coupon 3 (Fawner_Coupon3)
Free Coupon 4 (Fawner_Coupon4)
Free Coupon 5 (Fawner_Coupon5)
Free Coupon 6 (Fawner_Coupon6)
Free Coupon 7 (Fawner_Coupon7)
Free Coupon 8 (Fawner_Coupon8)
Free Ticket for Flyship (Free_Flying_Ship_Ticket)
Free Ticket for Kafra Storage (Cargo_Free_Ticket)
Free Ticket for Kafra Transportation (Warp_Free_Ticket)
Free Ticket for Peco Ride (Free_Peco_Ticket)
Free Ticket for the Cart Service (Cart_Free_Ticket)
Freeze Card Box (Freeze_Card_Box)
Freezer Card (Freezer_Card)
Freezing Snow Powder (Ice_Particle)
Freezing Sphere (Freezing_Sphere)
Freezing Sphere Pack (Sphere_Case_Water)
Fresh Fish (Delicious_Fish)
Fresh Fish (Just_Got_Fish)
Fresh Plant (Fresh_Plant)
Fresh Water (Water)
Freshman Magic Powder (Newcomer)
Freshman Magic Powder Box (Newcomer_Box)
Freshman Magic Powder Box (Freshman_Magic_Powder_Box)
Freshman Magic Powder Box (Freshman_Magic_Powder_Box4)
Freshman Magic Powder Box 30 Days (Newcomer_Box_1m)
Freya's Boots Box (Freyja_Boots_Box)
Freya's Clothes Box (Freyja_Overcoat_Box)
Freya's Crown (Freyja_Crown)
Freya's Crown Box (Freyja_Crown_Box)
Freya's Jewel (Jewel_Of_Prayer)
Freya's Manteau Box (Freyja_Cape_Box)
Freyja Boots (Freyja_Boots)
Freyja Cape (Freyja_Cape)
Freyja Overcoat (Freyja_Overcoat)
Freyja SCirclet30 (Freyja_SCirclet30)
Freyja SCirclet60 (Freyja_SCirclet60)
Freyja SCirclet7 (Freyja_SCirclet7)
Freyja SCirclet90 (Freyja_SCirclet90)
Fricca's Circlet (Fricca_Circlet)
Fricco's Shoes (Fricco_Shoes)
Fried Grasshopper Legs (Str_Dish01)
Fried Grasshopper Legs (Str_Dish01_)
Fried Monkey Tails (Luk_Dish01)
Fried Monkey Tails (Luk_Dish01_)
Fried Scorpion Tails (Luk_Dish05)
Fried Scorpion Tails (Luk_Dish05_)
Fried Sweet Potato (Luk_Dish03)
Fried Sweet Potato (Luk_Dish03_)
Friend Recruiter Hat (Friend_Recruiter_Hat)
Friend's Diary (Friend's_Diary)
Frill (Lizard_Scruff)
Frilldora Card (Frilldora_Card)
Frog Egg Squid Ink Soup (Agi_Dish01)
Frog Egg Squid Ink Soup (Agi_Dish01_)
Frog Hat (Frog_Cap)
Frog King Hat (King_Frog_Hat)
Frog King Hat Box (King_Frog_Hat_Box)
Frozen Arrow (Freezing_Arrow)
Frozen Bow (Frozen_Bow)
Frozen Piece Of Skin (Frozen_Skin_Piece)
Frozen Rose (Frozen_Rose)
Frozen Twin Pompom (Santa_Hat_2)
Fruit Basket (Fruit_Basket)
Fruit Juice (Fruit_Juice)
Fruit Mix (Dex_Dish03)
Fruit Mix (Dex_Dish03_)
Fruit of Love (Love_Berry)
Frus Card (Frus_Card)
Full Plate (Plate_Armor)
Full Plate (Plate_Armor_)
Full SwingK (Full_SwingK)
Funeral Hat (Funeral_Costume)
Fur (Fur)