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2. Seireitei Ragnarok (7/23)50000x50000x10000x250/70
3. ArunafeltzRO (7/35)10000x10000x1000x255/120
4. Clash Ragnarok Online (7/76)30x30x10x99/70
5. Wrath Online (6/6)7x7x3x99/70
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2. LycanRO (0)50x50x50x99/70
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4. BlackoutV2 Ragnarok Online (2)26000x10001x10000x500/120
5. Battle of the Guilds (0)15x15x15x99/70

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Christmas Time Again

Time flies, feel like it was just yesterday when RMS had its 10th anniversary. Well, going into 2020 means RMS will be up for 15 years (and more years to come!). Guess what that means for RO? It will be the 20th anniversary of our beloved Ragnarok Online. If you were a kid who started playing in the early days, by now you might have your own family and teaching your little ones how to kill MVPs. Truly can say RO grow up with us through both good times and bad times.

This Christmas, I know everyone is talking about the Ragnarok Transcendence server. Yet another project from Warpportal, doesn't it remind us of RE:Start? Nonetheless, trans server might be a more popular favor than classic. So let's hope it will be a long lasting server because I know many players simply wish for a stable place to call home.

I admit that in this time and age, most people ditched forums and move to Discord for the purpose of instant response. So some time this year Relics setup a Discord channel for RMS to get us in with the trend. Of course it isn't as juicy as our 15 years of forum drama, but feel free to visit our Discord for fun and chill.

Thank you for the years of support, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Drop me a reply in the forum or
Come visit us in our Discord Channel
By: yC
December 24th, 2019

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