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Daehyon / General Daehyun (DAEHYON)
Dame of Sentinel Ringleader (C3_OBSERVATION)
Dancer Joshepina / Dancer Josephina (L_DANCER)
Dancer Joshepina / Dancer Josephina (G_L_DANCER)
Dancing Dragon / Zhu Po Long (DANCING_DRAGON)
Dancing Dragon / Zhu Po Long (G_DANCING_DRAGON)
Dancing Marionette (XM_MARIONETTE)
Dandelion (DANDELION_H)
Dandelion Member (DANDELION)
Dark Coelacanth / Gloomy Coelacanth (COELACANTH_N_A)
Dark Frame (DARK_FRAME)
Dark Frame (G_DARK_FRAME)
Dark Illusion (DARK_ILLUSION)
Dark Illusion (G_DARK_ILLUSION)
Dark Lord (DARK_LORD)
Dark Lord (E_DARK_LORD)
Dark Lord (E_DARKLORD)
Dark Mana / Mana of Darkness (MM_MANA_BLACK)
Dark Pinguicula (PINGUICULA_D)
Dark Pinguicula (W_PINGUICULA_D)
Dark Priest (DARK_PRIEST)
Dark Shadow (DARK_SHADOW)
Dark Shadow (G_DARK_SHADOW)
Dark Snake Lord / Evil Snake Lord (G_DARK_SNAKE_LORD)
Dark Snake Lord / Evil Snake Lord (E_DARK_SNAKE_LORD)
Dead Plankton (DEAD_PLANKTON)
Death Boss (EP14_3_DEATH_BOSS)
Death Soul / Morroc's Shadow (EP14_MORS_DUMMY)
Death Word Ringleader (C3_DEATHWORD)
Deathword / Death Word (DEATHWORD)
Decorated Evil Tree (XM_TREE)
Deepsea Cornutus / Deep Sea Cornutus (MD_CORNUTUS)
Deepsea Crab / Deep Sea Crab (MD_CRAB)
Deepsea Marse / Deep Sea Marse (MD_MARSE)
Deepsea Mermaid / Deep Sea Obeaune (MD_OBEAUNE)
Deepsea Shellfish / Deep Sea Shellfish (MD_SHELLFISH)
Deleter (DELETER)
Deleter (DELETER_)
Deleter 2 (DELETER_2)
Demon God's Apostle Ahat (MM_GB_MOROCC_1)
Demon God's Apostle Shnaim (MM_GB_MOROCC_4)
Demon Pungus (DEMON_PUNGUS)
Deniro (DENIRO)
Depraved Orc Spirit / Orc Undead (I_ORC_SKELETON)
Desert Wolf (DESERT_WOLF)
Desert Wolf (M_DESERT_WOLF)
Desert Wolf (G_DESERT_WOLF)
Desert Wolf (MD_DESERT_WOLF)
Desert Wolf (MD_DESERT_WOLF_B)
Desert Wolf Baby (DESERT_WOLF_B)
Desert Wolf Baby (R_DESERT_WOLF_B)
Despair God Morocc (MM_MOROCC_ADT)
Detale / Detarderous (EVENT_DETALE)
Detale / Detardeurus (DETALE)
Deviace (DEVIACE)
Deviace (G_DEVIACE)
Deviling (DEVILING)
Deviling (EM_DEVILING)
Deviling (G_EM_DEVILING)
Deviling (T_DEVILING)
Deviruchi (DEVIRUCHI)
Deviruchi (G_DEVIRUCHI)
Deviruchi (R_DEVIRUCHI)
Deviruchi (DEVIRUCHI_H)
Diabolic (DIABOLIC)
Diabolic2 (DIABOLIC2)
Dimik (DIMIK)
Dimik (DIMIK_1)
Dimik (DIMIK_2)
Dimik (DIMIK_3)
Dimik (DIMIK_4)
Dio Anemos (GEFFEN_MAGE_2)
Disguise (DISGUISE)
Distorted Morocc Reincarnation (B_MOROCC_2)
Dokebi (DOKEBI)
Dokebi (G_DOKEBI)
Dolomedes (DOLOMEDES)
Dolomedes Ringleader (C3_DOLOMEDES)
Domovoi (DOMOVOI)
Doppelganger (DOPPELGANGER)
Doppelganger (G_DOPPELGANGER)
Doppelganger (M_DOPPELGANGER)
Doppelganger (E_DOPPELGANGER)
Doppelganger (Temp Stats) (I_DOPPELGANGER)
Draco (DRACO)
Draco Egg (DRACO_EGG)
Dracula (DRACULA)
Dracula (G_DRACULA)
Dracula (E_DRACULA)
Dragon Egg (DRAGON_EGG)
Dragon Fly (DRAGON_FLY)
Dragon Tail (DRAGON_TAIL)
Dragon Tail (Temp Stats) (E_DRAGON_TAIL)
Drainliar (DRAINLIAR)
Drainliar (G_DRAINLIAR)
Drake (DRAKE)
Dream Metal (DREAMMETAL)
Driller (DRILLER)
Drops (DROPS)
Drops (G_DROPS)
Drops Ringleader (C3_DROPS)
Drosera (DROSERA)
Drum (MA_DRUM)
Dryad (DRYAD)
Dullahan (DULLAHAN)
Dummy 10 (DUMMY_10)
Dummy 10 (DUMMY_10_FIRE)
Dummy 100 (DUMMY_100)
Dummy 150 (DUMMY_150)
Dummy 50 (DUMMY_50)
Dumpling Child Ringleader (C3_RICE_CAKE_BOY)
Duneyrr (DUNEYRR)
Dustiness (DUSTINESS)
Dwigh (GEFFEN_MAGE_12)