List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Exorciser [0]Exorciser [0]
Moonlight Dagger [0]Moonlight Dagger [0]
Azoth [0]Azoth [0]
Sucsamad [0]Sucsamad [0]
Grimtooth [0]Grimtooth [0]
Zeny Knife [0]Zeny Knife [0]
Poison Knife [0]Poison Knife [0]
Princess Knife [0]Princess Knife [0]
Cursed Dagger [0]Cursed Dagger [0]
Dagger of Counter [0]Dagger of Counter [0]Counter Dagger
Novice Main-Gauche [0]Novice Main-Gauche [0]Novice Main Gauche
Holy Dagger [0]Holy Dagger [0]
Cinquedea [1]Cinquedea [1]
Cinquedea [2]Cinquedea [2]
Kindle Dagger [0]Kindle Dagger [0]
Obsidian Dagger [0]Obsidian Dagger [0]
Fisherman's Dagger [0]Fisherman's Dagger [0]
Jur [2]Jur [2]
Jur [3]Jur [3]
Katar [1]Katar [1]
Katar [2]Katar [2]
Jamadhar [0]Jamadhar [0]
Jamadhar [1]Jamadhar [1]
Katar of Frozen Icicle [0]Katar of Frozen Icicle [0]
Katar of Quaking [0]Katar of Quaking [0]Katar of Dusty Thornbush
Katar of Raging Blaze [0]Katar of Raging Blaze [0]
Katar of Piercing Wind [0]Katar of Piercing Wind [0]
Sharpened Legbone of Ghoul [0]Sharpened Legbone of Ghoul [0]Sharpened Ghoul Leg Bone
Infiltrator [0]Infiltrator [0]
Loki's Nail [0]Loki's Nail [0]