List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Unholy Touch [0]Unholy Touch [0]
Specialty Jur [4]Specialty Jur [4]
Bloody Roar [0]Bloody Roar [0]
Infiltrator [1]Infiltrator [1]
Infiltrator [0]Infiltrator [0]
Wild Beast Claw [1]Wild Beast Claw [1]Beast Claw
Inverse Scale [0]Inverse Scale [0]
Drill Katar [1]Drill Katar [1]
Blood Tears [2]Blood Tears [2]Hemorrhage
Scratcher [0]Scratcher [0]
Refined Bloody Roar [0]Refined Bloody Roar [0]Bloody Roar
Refined Unholy Touch [0]Refined Unholy Touch [0]Unholy Touch
Katar of Frozen Icicle [3]Katar of Frozen Icicle [3]
Katar of Quaking [3]Katar of Quaking [3]Katar of Dusty Thornbush
Katar of Raging Blaze [3]Katar of Raging Blaze [3]
Katar of Piercing Wind [3]Katar of Piercing Wind [3]
Brave Carnage Katar [0]Brave Carnage Katar [0]Brave Blood Tears
Valorous Carnage Katar [0]Valorous Carnage Katar [0]Valorous Blood Tears
Glorious Bloody Roar [0]Glorious Bloody Roar [0]
Glorious Jamadhar [0]Glorious Jamadhar [0]
Katar Of Speed [0]Katar Of Speed [0]
Krishna [2]Krishna [2]
Chakram [2]Chakram [2]
Jamadhar [0]Jamadhar [0]
Durga [1]Item not in Pre-Renewal
Bloody Fear [0]Item not in Pre-Renewal
Eden Katar I [0]Item not in Pre-RenewalEden Group Katar I
Agent Katar [1]Item not in Pre-Renewal
Guillotine Katar [1]Item not in Pre-Renewal
Upg Katar [1]Item not in Pre-RenewalUpgrade Katar