List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Squillroll Magic Powder BoxSquillroll Magic Powder Box
Gogo Magic Powder BoxGogo Magic Powder Box
Love Angel Magic Powder Box 30 DaysLove Angel Magic Powder Box 30 Days
Squillroll Magic Powder Box 30 DaysSquillroll Magic Powder Box 30 Days
Gogo Magic Powder Box 30 DaysGogo Magic Powder Box 30 Days
Western Outlaw BoxWestern Outlaw Box
Lever Action Rifle BoxLever Action Rifle Box
All In One Ring BoxAll In One Ring Box
Spiritual Tunic BoxSpiritual Tunic Box
Recuvative Armor BoxRecuvative Armor Box
Shell Of Resistance BoxShell Of Resistance Box
Silf Manteau BoxSilf Manteau Box
Refresh Shoes BoxRefresh Shoes Box
Crunch Toast BoxCrunch Toast Box
Robo Eye BoxRobo Eye Box
Maiden's Twin Ribbon BoxMaiden's Twin Ribbon Box
Diadem BoxItem not in Pre-Renewal
Fish Head Hat BoxFish Head Hat Box
SantaPoring Cap BoxSantaPoring Cap Box
Bell Ribbon BoxBell Ribbon Box
Mimic Summoning 5 BoxMimic Summoning 5 BoxMimic Summoning Box(5)
Disguise Summoning 5 BoxDisguise Summoning 5 BoxDisguise Summoning Box(5)
Alice Summoning 5 BoxAlice Summoning 5 BoxAlice Summoning Box(5)
Mimic Summoning 10 BoxMimic Summoning 10 BoxMimic Summoning Box(10)
Disguise Summoning 10 BoxDisguise Summoning 10 BoxDisguise Summoning Box(10)
Alice Summoning 10 Box)Alice Summoning 10 Box)Alice Summoning Box(10)
New Style BoxNew Style Box
Repair Weapon Scroll BoxRepair Weapon Scroll BoxSafe to All Pack
Repair Weapon Scroll 10 BoxRepair Weapon Scroll 10 BoxRepair Weapon Scroll Box(10)
Hockey Mask BoxItem not in Pre-Renewal