List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Armor Card Pet Egg Scroll BoxArmor Card Pet Egg Scroll Box
Helmet Card Pet Egg Scroll BoxHelmet Card Pet Egg Scroll Box
Garment Card Pet Egg Scroll BoxGarment Card Pet Egg Scroll Box
Shield Card Pet Egg Scroll BoxShield Card Pet Egg Scroll Box
Shoes Card Pet Egg Scroll BoxShoes Card Pet Egg Scroll Box
Accessory Card Pet Egg Scroll BoxAccessory Card Pet Egg Scroll Box
Zeny Pet Egg Scroll BoxZeny Pet Egg Scroll Box
Pet Egg Scroll Box 12Pet Egg Scroll Box 12HE Bubble Gum Box
Pet Egg Scroll Box 13Pet Egg Scroll Box 13HE Battle Manual Box
Pet Egg Scroll Box 14Pet Egg Scroll Box 14
Pet Egg Scroll Box 15Pet Egg Scroll Box 15
Pet Egg Scroll Box 16Pet Egg Scroll Box 16
Light Red Potion BoxLight Red Potion Box
Light Orange Potion BoxLight Orange Potion Box
Light Yellow Potion BoxLight Yellow Potion Box
Light White Potion BoxLight White Potion Box
Light Concentration Potion BoxLight Concentration Potion BoxLight Center Potion Box
Light Awakening Potion BoxLight Awakening Potion Box
Light Berserk Potion BoxLight Berserk Potion Box
Meteor Storm Scroll BoxMeteor Storm Scroll Box
Storm Gust Scroll BoxStorm Gust Scroll Box
Lord of Vermilion Scroll BoxLord of Vermilion Scroll Box
Lex Aeterna Scroll BoxLex Aeterna Scroll Box
Magnificat Scroll BoxMagnificat Scroll Box
Chemical Protection Helm Scroll BoxChemical Protection Helm Scroll Box
Chemical Protection Shield Scroll BoxChemical Protection Shield Scroll Box
Chemical Protection Armor Scroll BoxChemical Protection Armor Scroll Box
Chemical Protection Weapon Scroll BoxChemical Protection Weapon Scroll Box
Repair Weapon Scroll BoxRepair Weapon Scroll Box
Big Bun BoxBig Bun Box