List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Katar of Speed BoxItem not in Pre-RenewalKatar Of Speed Box
Sharpshooter Revolver BoxItem not in Pre-Renewal
Animal ScrollAnimal Scroll
Heart ScrollHeart Scroll
Xmas ScrollItem not in Pre-Renewal
New Year ScrollNew Year ScrollSolar Scroll
Neo Fortune Sword BoxItem not in Pre-RenewalFortune Sword Box
Neo House AugerItem not in Pre-RenewalIce Pick Box
Neo Kamaitachi BoxItem not in Pre-RenewalKamaitachi Box
Neo Berserk Guitar BoxItem not in Pre-RenewalSpirited Guitar Box
Neo Doom Slayer BoxItem not in Pre-RenewalDoom Slayer Box
Neo Huuma Blaze Shuriken BoxItem not in Pre-RenewalHuuma Blaze Shuriken Box
Neo Odin's Blessing BoxItem not in Pre-RenewalOdin's Blessing Box
Neo Ring of Flame Lord BoxItem not in Pre-RenewalRing of Flame Lord Box
Neo Ring of Resonance BoxItem not in Pre-RenewalRing of Resonance Box
Neo Boys Cap BoxItem not in Pre-RenewalStudent Cap Box
Neo Ulle's Cap BoxItem not in Pre-RenewalUlle's Cap Box
Neo Sphinx Helm BoxItem not in Pre-RenewalSphinx Hat Box
Valentine's Emblem BoxValentine's Emblem Box
Ox Tail EggOx Tail EggCow Tail Scroll
Life Insurrance CertificateLife Insurrance Certificate
Dungeon 1 Hour TicketItem not in Pre-Renewal1 Hour Dungeon Ticket
Dungeon TicketItem not in Pre-Renewal
Zeny Pet Egg ScrollZeny Pet Egg Scroll
Light Concentration PotionLight Concentration Potion
Light Awakening PotionLight Awakening Potion
Light Berserk PotionLight Berserk Potion
Chemical Protection Helm ScrollChemical Protection Helm Scroll
Chemical Protection Shield ScrolChemical Protection Shield ScrolChemical Protection Shield Scroll
Chemical Protection Armor ScrollChemical Protection Armor Scroll