List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Red Butterfly WingRed Butterfly Wing
Blue Butterfly WingBlue Butterfly Wing
Jumping CandyJumping CandySparkling Candy
WoE Teleport ScrollWoE Teleport Scroll
JOB Battle ManualJOB Battle ManualJob Battle Manual
Unsealed Magic SpellUnsealed Magic Spell
Pierre's Treasure BoxPierre's Treasure BoxPierre's Treasurebox
Phreeoni ScrollPhreeoni Scroll
Ghostring ScrollGhostring Scroll
Greed ScrollGreed Scroll
Mental PotionMental Potion
Tyr's BlessingTyr's BlessingBlessing Of Tyr
Tao Gunka ScrollTao Gunka Scroll
Mistress ScrollMistress Scroll
Orc Hero ScrollOrc Hero Scroll
Orc Lord ScrollOrc Lord Scroll
JOB Battle ManualJOB Battle Manual
Luxurious Western FoodLuxurious Western Food
Manchu-Han Imperial FeastManchu-Han Imperial Feast
Spoiled CuisineSpoiled Cuisine
RWC Scroll 2012Item not in Pre-RenewalRWC Arms Box
Ex Def PotionItem not in Pre-RenewalSpecial Defense Potion
Bar Cookie Of StrengthItem not in Pre-RenewalSTR Biscuit Stick
Bar Cookie Of VitalityItem not in Pre-RenewalVIT Biscuit Stick
Bar Cookie Of AgilityItem not in Pre-RenewalAGI Biscuit Stick
Bar Cookie Of IntelligenceItem not in Pre-RenewalINT Biscuit Stick
Bar Cookie Of DexterityItem not in Pre-RenewalDEX Biscuit Stick
Bar Cookie Of LuckyItem not in Pre-RenewalLUK Biscuit Stick
Blue ScrollItem not in Pre-Renewal
Indigo ScrollItem not in Pre-Renewal