List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Giant SquidItem not in Pre-Renewal
SturgeonItem not in Pre-Renewal
King LobsterItem not in Pre-RenewalKing Shrimp
King EarthwormItem not in Pre-Renewal
Piece Of Soul SnakeItem not in Pre-RenewalPiece of Snake Soul
Broken Magic StoneItem not in Pre-RenewalShattered Magic Stone
(Limited)High Density KaluniumItem not in Pre-Renewal(Limited)High Density Carnium
Piece Of Soul HorseItem not in Pre-Renewal
Actinidia Cat FruitItem not in Pre-RenewalKitcoin
(Limited) Purified OrideconItem not in Pre-RenewalLimited Highly Enriched Oridecon
(Limited) Purified EluminiumItem not in Pre-RenewalLimited Highly Enriched Elunium
Piece Of Soul SheepItem not in Pre-Renewal
Holy RosaryItem not in Pre-RenewalSacred Rosary
Black HornItem not in Pre-RenewalBlack Soul
Captured SoulItem not in Pre-Renewal
Piece Of Soul MonkeyItem not in Pre-Renewal
Piece Of Soul ChickenItem not in Pre-Renewal
Honor TokenItem not in Pre-Renewal
Rune Magic PowderItem not in Pre-Renewal
DehumidifiersItem not in Pre-RenewalDehumidifier
SandpaperItem not in Pre-Renewal
Bright Fire LightsItem not in Pre-RenewalBright Light
Red EyeItem not in Pre-Renewal
Letter Of PrisonerItem not in Pre-RenewalPrisoner's Letter
Rune-Midgarts History BookItem not in Pre-RenewalRune-Midgartz History Book
Stone That Contained SeaItem not in Pre-RenewalSea Stone
Poring ScourerItem not in Pre-RenewalPoring Loofah
Letter With Stamped SealItem not in Pre-RenewalSeal Stamped Letter
Samples New Business ItemsItem not in Pre-RenewalSample of New Business Item
Secret DocumentsItem not in Pre-RenewalTop Secret Document