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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Delivery BoxDelivery BoxDelivery Box
Delivery BoxDelivery BoxDelivery Box
Kafra PassKafra Pass
Unknown Test TubeUnknown Test Tube
Unknown Test TubeUnknown Test Tube
Unknown Test TubeUnknown Test Tube
Morocc SolutionMorocc Solution
Payon SolutionPayon Solution
Unknown Test TubeUnknown Test Tube
Delivery BoxDelivery Box
Empty Test TubeEmpty Test Tube
Empty Potion BottleEmpty Potion Bottle
Short DaenggieShort Daenggie
Needle of AlarmNeedle of AlarmClock Hands
Round ShellRound Shell
Worn Out PageWorn Out PageWorn-out Page
Worn-out Prison UniformWorn-out Prison Uniform
Ashes of DarknessAshes of Darkness
Essence of FireEssence of Fire
Token of ApostleToken of Apostle
Pendant of SpiritPendant of Spirit
Cursed Baphomet DollCursed Baphomet Doll
New Year Rice CakeNew Year Rice CakeNewYear Ricecake
Rice Cake Delivery BoxRice Cake Delivery BoxDelivery Ricecake Box
New Year Rice Cake SoupNew Year Rice Cake SoupNewYear Ricecake Soup
Big Fan Of MagicBig Fan Of Magic
Blue B CardBlue B Card