List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Bird Nest [0]Bird Nest [0]
Lion Mask [0]Lion Mask [0]
Close Helmet [0]Close Helmet [0]
Angeling Hat [0]Angeling Hat [0]
Sheep Hat [0]Sheep Hat [0]
Pumpkin-Head [0]Pumpkin-Head [0]
Cyclop's Eye [0]Cyclop's Eye [0]
Antonio's Santa Hat [0]Antonio's Santa Hat [0]
Alice Doll [1]Alice Doll [1]
Magic Eyes [0]Magic Eyes [0]
Hibiscus [0]Hibiscus [0]
Charming Ribbon [1]Charming Ribbon [1]
Marionette Doll [1]Marionette Doll [1]
Crescent Helm [1]Crescent Helm [1]
Kabuki Mask [1]Kabuki Mask [1]
Gambler Hat [0]Gambler Hat [0]
Carnival Joker Jester [0]Carnival Joker Jester [0]
Elephant Hat [0]Elephant Hat [0]
Baseball Cap [0]Baseball Cap [0]
Phrygian Cap [0]Phrygian Cap [0]Guildmaster's Cap
Silver Tiara [0]Silver Tiara [0]Tiara Of Champions
Joker Jester [0]Joker Jester [0]
Note Headphones [1]Note Headphones [1]Note Headphone
Chinese Crown [0]Chinese Crown [0]
Angeling Hairpin [0]Angeling Hairpin [0]
Father's Sunglasses [0]Father's Sunglasses [0]Papa Sunglasses
Father's White Moustache [0]Father's White Moustache [0]Papa Beard
Father's Mask [0]Father's Mask [0]Papa Mask
Orc Helm [1]Orc Helm [1]
Monk Hat [1]Monk Hat [1]