List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Human Blindfold [0]Human Blindfold [0]
Robotic Ears [0]Robotic Ears [0]
Round Ears [0]Round Ears [0]
Drooping Ninetail [0]Drooping Ninetail [0]Drooping Nine Tail
Lif Doll Hat [1]Lif Doll Hat [1]
Deviling Hat [1]Deviling Hat [1]
Triple Poring Hat [0]Triple Poring Hat [0]
Valkyrie Feather Band [1]Valkyrie Feather Band [1]
Soul Ring [0]Soul Ring [0]Soulless Wing
Afro Wig [1]Afro Wig [1]
Elephant Hat [0]Elephant Hat [0]
Cookie Hat [0]Cookie Hat [0]
Silver Tiara [0]Silver Tiara [0]
Golden Tiara [0]Golden Tiara [0]Gold Tiara
Pagdayaw [0]Pagdayaw [0]
Australian Flag Hat [0]Australian Flag Hat [0]
Apple of Archer [0]Apple of Archer [0]Rental Apple of Archer
Bunny Band [0]Bunny Band [0]Rental Bunny Band
Sakkat [0]Sakkat [0]Costume Sakkat
Grand Circlet [0]Grand Circlet [0]
Flapping Angel Wing [0]Flapping Angel Wing [0]
Autumn Leaves [1]Autumn Leaves [1]
Phoenix Crown [1]Phoenix Crown [1]Chinese Crown
Tongue Mask [0]Tongue Mask [0]
Happy Wig [0]Happy Wig [0]
Shiny Wig [0]Shiny Wig [0]
Marvelous Wig [0]Marvelous Wig [0]
Fantastic Wig [0]Fantastic Wig [0]
Yellow Bandana [0]Yellow Bandana [0]Air Pirate's Bandana
Yellow Ribbon [0]Yellow Ribbon [0]