List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Spiky Band [0]Spiky Band [0]
Mini Propeller [0]Mini Propeller [0]
Mini Glasses [0]Mini Glasses [0]
Army Cap [0]Army Cap [0]
Clown Nose [0]Clown Nose [0]
Zorro Masque [0]Zorro Masque [0]
Munak Hat [0]Munak Hat [0]
Gangster Mask [0]Gangster Mask [0]
Iron Cain [0]Iron Cain [0]
Cigarette [0]Cigarette [0]
Pipe [0]Pipe [0]
Romantic Flower [0]Romantic Flower [0]
Romantic Leaf [0]Romantic Leaf [0]
Jack be Dandy [0]Jack be Dandy [0]
Stop Post [0]Stop Post [0]
Doctor Band [0]Doctor Band [0]
Ghost Bandana [0]Ghost Bandana [0]
Red Bandana [0]Red Bandana [0]
Angled Glasses [0]Angled Glasses [0]
Nurse Cap [0]Nurse Cap [0]
Mr. Smile [0]Mr. Smile [0]
Bomb Wick [0]Bomb Wick [0]
Sakkat [0]Sakkat [0]
Opera Masque [0]Opera Masque [0]
Halo [0]Halo [0]
Ear Muffs [0]Ear Muffs [0]
Antlers [0]Antlers [0]
Apple of Archer [0]Apple of Archer [0]
Elven Ears [0]Elven Ears [0]
Pirate Bandana [0]Pirate Bandana [0]