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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Goddess of Mercy SItem not in Pre-Renewal
Goddess of Insight AItem not in Pre-Renewal
Goddess of Insight SItem not in Pre-Renewal
Item AppraisalItem not in Pre-Renewal
ResurrectionItem not in Pre-RenewalRessurection
Leo StoneItem not in Pre-Renewal
Pisces StoneItem not in Pre-Renewal
Capricorn StoneItem not in Pre-Renewal
Aquarius StoneItem not in Pre-Renewal
Scorpio StoneItem not in Pre-Renewal
Taurus StoneItem not in Pre-Renewal
Racing(Rune Knight) 1LvItem not in Pre-RenewalRacing(Rune Knight) Lv1
Racing(Rune Knight) 2LvItem not in Pre-RenewalRacing(Rune Knight) Lv2
Racing(Rune Knight) 3LvItem not in Pre-RenewalRacing(Rune Knight) Lv3
Racing(Royal Guard) 1LvItem not in Pre-RenewalRacing(Royal Guard) Lv1
Racing(Royal Guard) 2LvItem not in Pre-RenewalRacing(Royal Guard) Lv2
Racing(Royal Guard) 3LvItem not in Pre-RenewalRacing(Royal Guard) Lv3
Racing(Mechanic) 1LvItem not in Pre-RenewalRacing(Mechanic) Lv1
Racing(Mechanic) 2LvItem not in Pre-RenewalRacing(Mechanic) Lv2
Racing(Mechanic) 3LvItem not in Pre-RenewalRacing(Mechanic) Lv3
Racing(Geneticist) 1LvItem not in Pre-RenewalRacing(Genetic) Lv1
Racing(Geneticist) 2LvItem not in Pre-RenewalRacing(Genetic) Lv2
Racing(Geneticist) 3LvItem not in Pre-RenewalRacing(Genetic) Lv3
Racing(Guillotine Cross) 1LvItem not in Pre-RenewalRacing(Guillotine Cross) Lv1
Racing(Guillotine Cross) 2LvItem not in Pre-RenewalRacing(Guillotine Cross) Lv2
Racing(Guillotine Cross) 3LvItem not in Pre-RenewalRacing(Guillotine Cross) Lv3
Racing(Shadow Chaser) 1LvItem not in Pre-RenewalRacing(Shadow Chaser) Lv1
Racing(Shadow Chaser) 2LvItem not in Pre-RenewalRacing(Shadow Chaser) Lv2
Racing(Shadow Chaser) 3LvItem not in Pre-RenewalRacing(Shadow Chaser) Lv3
Racing(Warlock) 1LvItem not in Pre-RenewalRacing(Warlock) Lv1