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Enchanted Stone Craft (Skill ID# 96, iRO Name: Enchantedstone Craft)
Type Passive Max Lv 5
Requirements (May vary for different classes, view skill by classes is recommended)
Iron Tempering Lv 1
Required ForResearch Oridecon (Lv 1, Blacksmith)
EffectAllows character to refine 10 Green Live/Wind of Verdure/Red Blood/Crystal Blue/Star Dust into 1 Great Nature/Rough Wind/Flame Heart/Mystic Frozen/Star Crumb using a Mini-furnace. The skill value is (10+5*SkillLV)%. JobLV, DEX and LUK (in this order) further increase this chance
Forging formula:
Success chance in %: Skill Value + JobLV * 0.2 + DEX * 0.1 + LUK * 0.1

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