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Played for less than 1 month 2019-06-17
AspectRo is a very young server, so i cant quiet give high ratings in terms of Economy nor guild competition (server is released since 3 days at the moment of this post. There are 3 GMs across different timezones which activly interact with players in regards of any issue they may have. There are donations which grant absolutly no advantage (cosmetics only). Currently there are also 2 automated events running hourly (more to come apparently) If you like low rate servers then give it a try!
Rating: 77
Comment #1
Stability: 10
Availability: 10
Friendliness: 10
Eventfulness: 5
Game Masters
Friendliness: 10
Availability: 10
Helpfulness: 10
Economy: 3
Guild Competition: 1
Class Balance: 8