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Alchemist Job Quest

Alchemist Job Quest - Registration

Parmry Gianino
alde_alche (27, 185)

Lower left corner building in Al De Baran
Ingredient(s) Product(s)

50000 zeny plus one of the following:
(Assigned at random)

-- -- 1 -- --
Berserk Potion x 7

-- -- 2 -- --
Mini Furnace x 100

-- -- 3 -- --
Fire Arrow x 500

-- -- Substitute for 1-3 -- --
Hammer of Blacksmith x 1
Old Magicbook x 1
Not Applicable
Talk to her to apply. She will tell you the admission instructions.

You will need to first pay the 50,000 zeny application fee. Then you will be assigned to bring her one of the three possible items at the amount she requires.

You can bring her an Old Magicbook and a Hammer of Blacksmith as a substitute for the item requirement.

Once you done this part, you can go to Rasputin Gregory to take the math test.

Note: Mini Furance can be bought from the Blacksmith Shop in Geffen 5 o'clock position.

Requirements: You must be a Merchant at job level 40 or higher in order to start the quest.

Alchemist Job Quest - Math Problem Solving

Rasputin Gregory
alde_alche (175, 107)

Go down the stair on your left from Parmry Gianino
The room below is star-shaped,
Rasputin Gregory is inside the room at the lower right corner
Ingredient(s) Product(s)
Not ApplicableNot Applicable
In this test, you have to asnwer some mathematical questions. Each question worth 10 points. You must get at least 80 points to pass this test. The first time you take the test, there are only 8 questions. So that mean you must get perfect to pass. If you failed the first time, the re-test will consist of 11 questions which means it allow more rooms for wrong answers.

Note: If you are at job level 50, he will let you skip this test and direct you to Darwin for the next test.

Here are the questions and answers reference from the eAthena script, official server might have them slightly different:

Q #QuestionAnswer
Question Set 1
0112+23+34+45 =?114
021000-36-227-348 =?389
039765/3/5/7 =?93
04(2646/7) + (13*28) =?742
05With a 24% discount, how much are 12 Red Potions, 5 Fly Wings, and 1 Butterfly Wing altogether?909
06What is the total weight of 3 Scimiters, 2 Helms and 1 Coat?450
07What is the total defense of a Biretta, Mantle, Opera Mask, Ribbon, Muffler, Boots, and Ear Muffs?20
08If you buy 5 Helms with a 24% discount and sell it at 20%, how much do you earn?8800
Question Set 2
021000-58-214-416 =?312
05(35*19) - (1792/7) =?409
06(2368/8) + (24*17) = ?704
07(2646/7) + (13*28)=?742
08If buying at a 24% discount, what is the total price of 15 Green Potions, 6 Magnifiers and 4 Traps?934
09What is the total weight of 3 Ring Pommel Sabers, 4 Caps and 2 Boots?550
10What is the total defense of a Buckler, Coat, Gas Mask, Big Ribbon, Ribbon, Sakkat and Glasses?16
11How much zeny do you make if you buy Tights at a 24% discount and sell it at 20% of the normal price?2840

(Don't be discouraged if he said you got them all wrong, he say that everytime you fail no matter how close you are from the passing score.)

Alchemist Job Quest - Item Collection & Mixing

alde_alche.gat (13, 15)

At the lower center corner of the star-shaped room
Ingredient(s) Product(s)

Medicine Bowl x 3

Empty Bottle x 3

Red Herb x 1

Yellow Herb x 1
White Herb x 1
Red Potion x 1
Yellow Potion x 1
White Potion x 1
He will ask you to bring him some items. After you gave him the items he want, he will teach you how to make medicine. Then it will be your turn to make medicine using the procedures he just showed to you. Just use common sense to pick the steps to pass this part of the test. If you mess any of the steps, you will have to get another set of the material to make the medicine again.

Once you passed, you can advance to the next test which is given by Van Helmont in the next room.

Note: For the Medicine Bowl, you can buy that from Gever Al Sharp at the counter upstair for 8z each. Also, on the official server, it seems that you can brite him with an Illusion Flower. However, in eAthena this is not the case.

Alchemist Job Quest - Learn from Morgenstein

Van Helmont
alde_alche (79, 19)

At the lower left corner of the star-shaped room
Ingredient(s) Product(s)
Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Van Helmont will tell you to learn from Morgenstein in Geffen. That is, you are supposed to do the Mixture and Counteragent Quest as a part of the alchemist job quest. You do not have to bring him what Morgenstein made, but you have to get Morgenstein to tell you about Mixture and Counteragent before you come back to him.

See related quest section below on how to do the Mixture and Counteragent Quest. You have to 'Ask about research' when Morgenstein asks you what do you want. If you have already done this quest before, you can just talk to Van Helmont to get to the question and answer part.

When you are done and come back to Van Helmont, he will ask you a few questions to make sure you learnt about Mixture and Counteragent. Here are the questions and answers reference:

Q #QuestionAnswer
01What item is required to form the Counteragent?all answers are correct
02Which of the following item is not required in forming the Counteragent?Karvodailnirol
03What item is required to form the Mixture?all answers are correct
04Which of the following item is not required in the process of forming the Mixture?Detrimindexta
Related Quests:
Mixture and Counteragent Quest

Alchemist Job Quest - Word Scramble & the Baijin Bros

Nicholas Flamel
alde_alche (145, 19)

At the top left corner of the star-shaped room
Ingredient(s) Product(s)
Not Applicable Mixture x 1
Burnt Tree x 5
Fine Sand x 5
Rough Oridecon x 3
Rough Elunium x 3
Part 1: First he will give you a word scramble test. You have to choose the word that is IN the letters he present. You must get all 4 questions right to pass, here are the questions and answers for references:

Q #Choose the word that is IN the puzzleAnswer
01s m i e x b w u n e n t a g l rtiger
02n i e g b o p d s o a u w r vendure
03l r m g r e x t a v i n e d eevergreen
04r o e h n r o m c a i n p t tpotionmerchant

Part 2: Talk to him again to take this part of the test. He will give you a few items, keep them as you will need them for the next part. He asks you to go help the Bain and Bajin brothers in Yuno with their research. So just take the items and head there. See the related quest section below for a separate guide about it.

After you are done with part 1 and part 2, talk to him again and he will tell you to go to the Union Leader to change job (Finally!).
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Alchemist Job Quest - Job Change

Vincent Carsciallo
alde_alche (101, 184)

2nd floor of the Alchemist Guild
Just go upstairs from the basement
Ingredient(s) Product(s)
Not Applicable
-- For Job Level 50 --
Condensed Potion Creation Guide x 1

-- For Job Level Below 50 --
Alcohol Creation Guide x 1
This is the moment of truth, talk to him and he'll change you into an alchemist!

You will also get a useful guide book depending on your job level.

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