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Weapon - Two-handed Staff
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Illusion Survivor's Staff [2]   [Two Handed]   Item ID# 2051 (Illusion_Survivor's_Staff)
Type Weapon Class Two-handed Staff Buy n/a Sell n/a Weight 120
Attack 100 / MATK 240Required Lvl 120Weapon Lvl 4Slot 2
Applicable Jobs
Mage Acolyte Priest Wizard Monk Sage
Soul Linker
Description Not Available

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Not Available
Item Script
{ [email protected] = getrefine(); bonus bDex,2; bonus bInt,2; bonus bMaxHP,600; bonus bUnbreakableWeapon; bonus bMatkRate,([email protected]/2); if ([email protected] >= 7) { bonus2 bMagicAddSize,Size_Small,15; bonus2 bMagicAddSize,Size_Medium,15; if ([email protected] >= 9) { bonus2 bSubSize,Size_Small,15; bonus2 bSubSize,Size_Medium,15; if ([email protected] >= 11) { bonus2 bSubDefEle,Ele_Water,15; bonus2 bSubDefEle,Ele_Wind,15; bonus2 bSubDefEle,Ele_Earth,15; bonus2 bSubDefEle,Ele_Fire,15; } } } },{},{}
Dropped ByNo Result

Illusion Wizardry Staff [2]   [Two Handed]   Item ID# 2039 (Illusion_Wizardry_Staff)
Type Weapon Class Two-handed Staff Buy n/a Sell n/a Weight 240
Attack 150 / MATK 250Required Lvl 100Weapon Lvl 4Slot 2
Description Rumored to have been crafted by an ancient wizard, this staff contains awesome energies.

INT +6, DEX +2.
MATK +250

Every 2 refine levels:
INT +1, DEX +1.(Up to refine level +10)
Item Script
{ [email protected] = min(getrefine(),10)/2; bonus bInt,([email protected]); bonus bDex,([email protected]); },{},{}
Dropped ByNo Result

Infinity Two-handed Stick [1]   [Two Handed]   Item ID# 2024 (Infinity_Two-handed_Stick)
Infinity Staff
Type Weapon Class Two-handed Staff Buy 10z Sell 5z Weight 50
Attack 30 / MATK 170Required Lvl 100Weapon Lvl 4Slot 1
Applicable Jobs
Warlock Sorcerer
Description Cannot be traded.
This weapon contains a strange energy.
I feel that one of its benefits were sealed with a high cost.
MATK +170

Indestructible (except in upgrade attempts).
Item Script
Dropped ByNo Result