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Haedonggum (Haedonggum)
Haedonggum (Hae_Dong_Gum_)
Hagalaz Rune (Runstone_Hagalas)
Hahn Sukbong's Recommendation (Introduction_Of_Mr.Han)
Hahoe Mask (Hahoe_Mask)
Hair Band (Hair_Band)
Hair Brush (Hair_Brush)
Hairband Of Reginleif (Hairband_Of_Reginleif)
Hairband Of Stars (Star_Hairband)
Hairstyle Coupon (New_Style_Coupon)
Hakujin (Hakujin)
Hakujin (Hakujin_)
Halberd (Halberd)
Halberd (Halberd_)
Halberd (Halberd__)
Half Asprika (Half_Asprika)
Half Asprika box1 (Half_Asprika_box1)
Half Asprika Box7 (Half_Asprika_box7)
Half BF Book2 (Half_BF_Book2)
Half BF Book2 Box1 (Half_BF_Book2_Box1)
Half BF Book2 Box7 (Half_BF_Book2_Box7)
Half BF Bow1 (Half_BF_Bow1)
Half BF Bow1 Box1 (Half_BF_Bow1_Box1)
Half BF Bow1 Box7 (Half_BF_Bow1_Box7)
Half BF Dagger2 (Half_BF_Dagger2)
Half BF Dagger2 Box1 (Half_BF_Dagger2_Box1)
Half BF Dagger2 Box1s (Half_BF_Dagger2_Box7)
Half BF Huuma Shuriken (Half_BF_Huuma_Shuriken2)
Half BF Huuma Shuriken2 Box1 (Half_BF_Huuma_Shuriken2_Box1)
Half BF Huuma Shuriken2 Box7 (Half_BF_Huuma_Shuriken2_Box7)
Half BF Katar2 (Half_BF_Katar2)
Half BF Katar2 Box1 (Half_BF_Katar2_Box1)
Half BF Katar2 Box7 (Half_BF_Katar2_Box7)
Half BF Knuckle1 (Half_BF_Knuckle1)
Half BF Knuckle1 Box1 (Half_BF_Knuckle1_Box1)
Half BF Knuckle1 Box7 (Half_BF_Knuckle1_Box7)
Half BF Morning Star1 (Half_BF_Morning_Star1)
Half BF Morning Star1 Box1 (Half_BF_Morning_Star1_Box1)
Half BF Morning Star1 Box1 (Half_BF_Morning_Star1_Box7)
Half BF Rifle1 (Half_BF_Rifle1)
Half BF Rifle1 Box1 (Half_BF_Rifle1_Box1)
Half BF Rifle1 Box7 (Half_BF_Rifle1_Box7)
Half BF Shotgun1 (Half_BF_Shotgun1)
Half BF Shotgun1 Box1 (Half_BF_Shotgun1_Box1)
Half BF Shotgun1 Box7 (Half_BF_Shotgun1_Box7)
Half BF Spear1 (Half_BF_Spear1)
Half BF Spear1 Box1 (Half_BF_Spear1_Box1)
Half BF Spear1 Box7 (Half_BF_Spear1_Box7)
Half BF Staff2 (Half_BF_Staff2)
Half BF Staff2 Box1 (Half_BF_Staff2_Box1)
Half BF Staff2 Box7 (Half_BF_Staff2_Box7)
Half BF Staff4 (Half_BF_Staff4)
Half BF Staff4 Box1 (Half_BF_Staff4_Box1)
Half BF Staff4 Box7 (Half_BF_Staff4_Box7)
Half BF Sword1 (Half_BF_Sword1)
Half BF Sword1 Box1 (Half_BF_Sword1_Box1)
Half BF Sword1 Box7 (Half_BF_Sword1_Box7)
Half BF Two Handed Axe1 (Half_BF_Two_Handed_Axe1)
Half BF Two Handed Axe1Box1 (Half_BF_Two_Handed_Axe1Box1)
Half BF Two Handed Axe1Box7 (Half_BF_Two_Handed_Axe1Box7)
Half Brisingamen (Half_Brysing)
Half Brynhild (Half_Brynhild)
Half Brynhild Box (Brynhild_Box)
Half Brynhild box1 (Half_Brynhild_box1)
Half L Magestic Goat Box1 (Half_L_Magestic_Goat_Box1)
Half L Magestic Goat Box7 (Half_L_Magestic_Goat_Box7)
Half L Majestic Goat (Half_L_Magestic_Goat)
Half Megingjard (Half_Megin)
Half Mjolnir (Half_Mjolnir)
Half Mjolnir Box1 (Half_Mjolnir_Box1)
Half Mjolnir Box7 (Half_Mjolnir_Box7)
Hallo Scroll (Hallo_Scroll)
Hallow Ring (Hallow_Ring)
Hallow Ring Box (Hallow_Ring_Box)
Hallow Ring Box II (Hallow_Ring_Box2)
Hallowed Shadow Armor (S_Hallowed_Armor)
Hallowed Shadow Shield (S_Hallowed_Shield)
Halloween Box (HALLOWEEN_G_BOX)
Halloween Certificate (Halloween_Certificate)
Halloween Coin (Halloween_Coin)
Halloween Ticket (Halloween_Ticket)
Halo (Spirit_Chain)
Halo-Halo (Halohalo)
Halter Lead Box (Halter_Lead_Box)
Halter Lead Box[Trial] (Boarding_Halter_Box3)
Hammer (Hammer)
Hammer (Hammer_)
Hammer (Hammer__)
Hammer Goblin Egg (Hammer_Goblin_Egg)
Hammer Goblin Ring (Hammer_Goblin_Ring)
Hammer Goblin Taming Box (Hammer_Goblin_Box)
Hammer of Blacksmith (Hammer_Of_Blacksmith)
Hammer Of Velund (Hammer_Of_Velund)
Hanbok bag (Hanbok_bag)
Hand of God (Sacred_Marks)
Hand-made Chocolate (HandMade_Chocolate)
Hand-made Chocolate (HandMade_Chocolate_B)
Hand-made Kitty Doll (Handmade_Kitty_Doll)
Hand-made White Chocolate (HandMade_Chocolate_B_)
Handcuffs (Armlet_Of_Prisoner)
Handmade Chocolate Recipe (Handmade_Choco_Recipe)
Handmade White Chocolate (HandMade_Chocolate_)
Handsel (Money_Envelope)
Hangul Day Event Box (Hangul_Day_Event_Box)
Hankie In Mouth (Hankie_In_Mouth)
Happy Balloon (Happy_Balloon)
Happy Call Box (Happy_Call_Box)
Happy Flapping Angel Wings (Happy_Flapping_Wings)
Happy Gauntlet (Happy_Gauntlet)
Happy Shield (Happy_Shield)
Happy Wig (Happy_Wig)
Hard Black Lump (Black_Hard_Lump)
Hard Bloodstain (Solid_Bloodstain)
Hard Champion Shadow Shoes (S_Hard_Champion_Shoes)
Hard Earring (Shadow) (S_Hard_Earring)
Hard Feeler (Sharp_Feeler)
Hard Rice Cake (Rice_Cake_Egg)
Hard Shadow Armor (S_Hard_Armor)
Hard Skin (Hard_Skin)
Hard Thorny Vine (Hard_Thorny_Vine)
Hardcover Book (Hardback)
Hardened Breastplate (Harden_Breastplate)
Hardrock Mammoth Card (Hardrock_Mommos_Card)
Hardworking Pitman Card (Hardworking_Pitman_Card)
Hari (Word_Card02)
Harp (Harp)
Harp (Harp_)
Harp of Nepenthes (Harp_Of_Nepenthes)
Harpy Card (Harpy_Card)
Harpy Feather (Harpy's_Feather)
Harpy Talon (Harpy's_Claw)
Harrods Plaster Shadow Armor (S_Plasterer's_Armor)
Harrods Plaster Shadow Shoes (S_Plasterer's_Shoes)
Harve (Harve)
Harvester Hat (Harvester_Hat)
Hasty Shadow Armor (S_Hasty_Armor)
Hasty Shadow Shoes (S_Hasty_Shoes)
Hasty Shadow Shoes II (S_Hasty_Shoes_II)
Hat (Hat)
Hat (Hat_)
Hat Of Expert (Hat_Of_Expert)
Hat Of Fortune (Celestial_Hat)
Hat Of Girl (Hat_Of_Girl)
Hat Of Scrat (Hat_Of_Scrat)
Hat of the Sun God (Helm_Of_Sun)
Hat of the Sun God (Helm_Of_Sun_)
Hate Crate (Hate_Bundle)
Hatii Babe Card (Garm_Baby_Card)
Hatii Card (Garm_Card)
Hatii Claw (Claw_Of_Garm)
Hattah Black (Hattah_Black)
Haunted Obsidian Card (Haunted_Obsidian_Card)
Hawk Eyes (Hawk_Eyes01)
Hawk Eyes (Hawk_Eyes02)
Hawkeye (Hawkeye)
Hawkeyes (Hawkeyes)
Hazy Dream Fragment (Hazy_Dream_Fragment)
Hazy Mooncake (Hazy_Mooncake)
Hazy Starlight (Hazy_Starlight)
HD Bradium (HD_Bradium)
HD Bradium 10 Box (HD_Bradium_Box10)
HD Bradium 10 Box (HD_Bradium_10_Box2)
HD Bradium 5 Box (HD_Bradium_Box5)
HD Bradium 5 Box (F_HD_Bradium_Box5)
HD Carnium (HD_Carnium)
HD Carnium 10 Box (HD_Carnium_Box10)
HD Carnium 10 Box (HD_Carnium_10_Box2)
HD Carnium 5 Box (HD_Carnium_Box5)
HD Carnium 5 Box (F_HD_Carnium_Box5)
HD Elunium (HD_Elunium)
HD Elunium 10 Box (HD_Elu_Box10)
HD Elunium 5 Box (HD_Elu_Box5)
HD Elunium 50 Box (HD_Elunium_50Box)
HD Elunium Box(30) (HD_Elunium_Box_30)
HD Oridecon (HD_Oridecon)
HD Oridecon 10 Box (HD_Ori_Box10)
HD Oridecon 5 Box (HD_Ori_Box5)
HD Oridecon 50 Box (HD_Oridecon_50Box)
HD Oridecon Box(30) (HD_Oridecon_Box_30)
HE Battle Manual (HE_Battle_Manual)
HE Battle Manual Box (HE_Battle_Manual_Box)
HE Bubble Gum (HE_Bubble_Gum)
HE Bubble Gum Box (HE_Bubble_Gum_Box)
He's Arsenal (Hero's_Arsenal)
Headgear Card Album (Old_C_Album_Helm)
Headgear Costume Scroll (Costama_Egg19)
Headless Mule Card (Headless_Mule_Card)
Headset (Headset)
Heal 10 (HEALHP1)
Heal Amount2 (Heal_Amount3)
Heal Amount3 (Heal_Amount4)
Heal Amount4 (Heal_Amount5)
Heal Shadow Armor (S_Heal_Armor)
Heal Shadow Box (Heal_Shadow_Box)
Heal Shadow Earring (S_Heal_Earring)
Heal Shadow Pendant (S_Heal_Pendant)
Heal Shadow Shield (S_Heal_Shield)
Heal Shadow Shoes (S_Heal_Shoes)
Heal Shadow Weapon (S_Heal_Weapon)
Healing Box (Indonesia_Box)
Healing Shadow Shield (S_Healing_Shield)
Healing Shadow Shoes (S_Healing_Shoes)
Healing Shadow Weapon (S_Healing_Weapon)
Healing Staff (Healing_Staff)
Healing Staff (Healing_Staff_)
Healing Staff Box (Healing_Staff_Box)
Healing Staff Box (Healing_Staff_Box2)
Health Stone(Upper) (Floor_Vit)
Heart (Heart)
Heart Breaker (Heart_Breaker)
Heart Card in Mouth (Gambler_Card)
Heart Eye Patch 1 (Heart_Eye_Patch1)
Heart Eye Patch 2 (Heart_Eye_Patch2)
Heart Eyepatch (Heart_Eyepatch)
Heart Hairpin (Heart_Hair_Pin)
Heart Hunter Card (Heart_Hunter_Card)
Heart Hunter Evil Card (Heart_Hunter_Evil_Card)
Heart Hunter's Seal (Heart_Hunter_Seal)
Heart of Mermaid (Heart_Of_Mermaid)
Heart of Queen Fox (Heart_Of_Fox_Queen)
Heart of Soul (Heart_of_Soul)
Heart Ribbon Hairband (Heart_Ribbon_Band)
Heart Scroll (Heart_Scroll)
Heart Whip (Heart_Whip)
Heart Wing Hairband (Heart_Wing_Hairband)
Hearthstone Shot Cartridge (Bullet_Case_Stone)
Hearty Lunchbox (Hearty_Lunchbox)
Hearty Rice Cake (Hearty_Rice_Cake)
Heat Wave Kunai (Kunai_Of_Fierce_Flame)
Heater Card (Heater_Card)
Heaven Flower (Flower_Of_Heaven)
Heaven Scroll (Heaven_Scroll)
Heaven's Feather & Hell's Fire (H_FEATHER_H_FIRE)
Heavenly Fruit Juice (Dex_Dish09)
Heavenly Maiden Robe (Celestial_Robe)
Heavensent Report Card (To_Heaven_Record)
Heavy Greatsword (Heavy_Sword)
Heavy Lifter Box (Max_Weight_Up_10Box)
Heavy Metaling Card (Heavy_Metaling_Card)
Hedgehog Picks (Hedgehog_Picks)
Hell Apocalypse Card (Hell_Apocalips_Card)
Hell Contract (Hell_Contract)
Hell Poodle Card (Hell_Poodle_Card)
Hell Pumpkin Hat (Hell_Pumpkin_Hat)
Hellfire (Hell_Fire)
Hellfire (Hell_Fire_)
Hellfire Staff (Hellfire_Staff)
Hello Mother Hat (Hellomother_Hat)
Helm (Helm)
Helm (Helm_)
Helm Of Abyss (Helm_Of_Abyss)
Helm of Angel (Helm_Of_Angel)
Helm of Darkness (Helm_Of_Darkness)
Helm Of Dragon (Helm_Of_Dragoon)
Helm of Dullahan (Dullahan's_Helm)
Helm Of Thoth (Helm_Of_Thoth)
Helm Of Valor (Helm_Of_Valor)
Helmet Card Pet Egg Scroll (Helmet_Card_Scroll)
Helmet Card Pet Egg Scroll Box (Helmet_Card_Scroll_Box)
Helmet of Orc Hero (Orc_Hero_Helm)
Helmet of Orc Hero (Orc_Hero_Helm_)
Helmet Of Siegfried (Helmet_Of_Siegfried)
Hen Set Box (Hen_Set_Box)
Heoric Nepenthes Shoes (Vet_Nepen_Heel)
Her Heart (Heart_Of_Her)
Herb (Grass)
Herb Marinade Beef (Str_Dish04)
Herb of Incantation (Exorcize_Herb)
Herbal Medicine (Herb_Medicine)
Hermit Plant Card (Wild_Ginseng_Card)
Hermode Cap (Hermose_Cap)
Hero Cape (Hero_Cape)
Hero Hidden Cloth (Hero_Hidden_Cloth)
Hero Judgement Shawl (Hero_Judgement_Shawl)
Hero Magic Coat (Hero_Magic_Coat)
Hero Midgard Egg (Hero_Midgard_Egg)
Hero Plate (Hero_Plate)
Hero Target Suit (Hero_Taget_Suits)
Hero Trade Mail (Hero_Trade_Mail)
Hero's Remains (Hero_Remains)
Heroic Emblem (Voucher_Of_Orcish_Hero)
Heroic Silver Fox Leather Boots (Vet_SliverFox_Boots)
Heroic Stone (Heroic_Stone)
Heroic Stone Box (Heroic_Stone_Box)
Heroic Ungoliant Upgrade Boots (Vet_Ungo_Boots)
Hervor (Hervor)
Hervor Alvitr (Hervor_Alvitr)
Hetairoi Sword (Hetairoi_Sword)
Hexagon Spectacles (Hexagon_Spectacles)
Hibiscus (Hibiscus)
Hibiscus Box (Hibiscus_Box)
Hibiscus Box (Hibiscus_Box_)
Hibram's Gloves (Hibram's_Gloves)
Hiding Shadow Armor (S_Hiding_Armor)
Hiding Shadow Box (Hiding_Shadow_Box)
Hiding Shadow Earring (S_Hiding_Earring)
Hiding Shadow Pendant (S_Hiding_Pendant)
Hiding Shadow Shield (S_Hiding_Shield)
Hiding Shadow Shoes (S_Hiding_Shoes)
Hiding Shadow Weapon (S_Hiding_Weapon)
High Class Tea (High_Class_Tea)
High Energy Crystal (High_Purity_Energy_Xtal)
High Fashion Sandals (High_Fashion_Sandals)
High Heels (Spiky_Heel)
High Heels (Spiky_Heel_)
High Orc Card (High_Orc_Card)
High Orc Egg (High_Orc_Egg)
High Priest Card (B_Magaleta_Card)
High Quality Cooler (High_Quality_Cooler)
High Strength Adhesive (High_Strength_Adhesive)
High Weapon Box (High_Weapon_Box_)
High Wind Kunai (Kunai_Of_Furious_Wind)
High Wizard Card (B_Katrinn_Card)
Hikingboots (Hikingboots)
Hill Wind Card (Hill_Wind_Card)
Hillsrion Card (Hilsrion_Card)
Hinalle (Hinalle)
Hinalle Leaflet (Leaflet_Of_Hinal)
Hippie Clothes (Hippie_Clothes)
Hippie Feather (Hippie_Feather)
Hippie Guitar (Hippie_Guitar)
Hippie Rope (Hippie_Rope)
Hippo Hat (Hippo_Hat)
History book of Prontera (Prontera_Book_01)
HIT + 1 (HIT1)
Hit Stone(Lower) (HITStone_Bottom)
Hockey Mask (Hockey_Mask)
Hockey Mask Box (Hockey_Mask_Box)
Hockey Mask Box (F_Hockey_Mask_Box)
Hode Card (Hode_Card)
Hodremlin Card (Hodremlin_Card)
Hodremlin Egg (Hodremlin_Egg)
Hoe (Pickaxe)
Holden Card (Mole_Card)
Holiday Hat (Cone_Hat_)
Holidays Hat (Taiwan_Flag_Hat)
Holier Threads (Thread_Skein_)
Hollgrehenn's Hammer (Hollgrehenn_Hammer)
Holy Amulet (Holy_Amulet)
Holy Armor Scroll (Holy_Armor_S)
Holy Armor Scroll 10 Box (Holy_Armor_S_Box10)
Holy Armor Scroll 30 Box (Holy_Armor_S_Box30)
Holy Armor Scroll 5 Box (Holy_Armor_S_Box5)
Holy Arrow (Holy_Arrow)
Holy Arrow Quiver (Holy_Arrow_Quiver)
Holy Avenger (Holy_Avenger)
Holy Cannon Ball (Holy_Cannon_Ball)
Holy Cape (Holy_Cape)
Holy Dagger (Holy_Dagger)
Holy Drop (Holy_Drop)
Holy Egg (Holy_Egg)
Holy Egg (Holy_Egg_2)
Holy Egg Hat (Holy_Egg_Hat)
Holy Elemental Scroll (Holy_Element_Scroll)
Holy Guard (Holy_Guard)
Holy Marble (Holy_Marble)
Holy Marching Hat (Holy_Marching_Hat_J)
Holy Mom Blaze (Holy_Mom_Blaze)
Holy Mom Blaze Box (Holy_Mom_Blaze_Box)
Holy Robe (Holy_Robe)
Holy Robe (Holy_Robe_)
Holy Rock Piece (Holy_Rock_Piece)
Holy Rosary (Holy_Rosary)
Holy saber (Holy_Saber)
Holy Sabre Box (Holy_Sabre_Box)
Holy Santa Beard (Holy_Santa_Beard)
Holy Spirit Egg (Holy_Spirit_Scroll)
Holy Stick (Holy_Stick)
Holy Threads (Thread_Skein)
Holy Water (Holy_Water)
Holy Water Shadow Weapon (S_Holy_Water_Weapon)
Home Cherry Blossom (Home_Cherry_Blossom)
Home Cooking Kit (Indoor_Cooking_Kits)
Homers Shield (Shadow) (S_Homers_Shield)
Hometown Gift (Hometown_Gift)
Honest Diary (Honest_Diary)
Honey (Honey)
Honey Bee Hat (Honeybee_Hat)
Honey Box (Honey_Box)
Honey Grape Juice (Dex_Dish01)
Honey Grape Juice (Dex_Dish01_)
Honey Herbal Tea (Int_Dish03)
Honey Herbal Tea (Int_Dish03_)
Honey Pancake (Honey_Pancake)
Honey Pastry (Honey_Pastry)
Honey Pastry (Honey_Pastry_)
Honey Pot (Honey_Jar)
Honey Songpyun (Honey_Songpyun)
Honey Songpyun (Honey_Songpyun_)
Honglyun's Sword (Honglyun's_Sword)
Honglyun's Sword Box (Honglyun's_Sword_Box)
Honor Gold Ring (Honor_Gold_Ring)
Honor Proof Exchange List (Honor_Proof_Exchange_List)
Honor Token (Honor_Proof)
Hood (Hood)
Hood (Hood_)
Hoplite Helmet (Hoplite_Helmet)
Horn (Horn)
Horn Barrier (Horn_Protector)
Horn Card (Horn_Card)
Horn of Ancient (Horn_Of_Ancient)
Horn Of Ancient Box (Horn_Of_Ancient_Box)
Horn Of Hell (Hell_Horn)
Horn of Hillslion (Horn_Of_Hilthrion)
Horn of Hillslion (Horn_Of_Hilsrion)
Horn of Kirin (Horn_of_Kirin)
Horn of Tendrilion (Horn_Of_Tendrilion)
Horned Scroll (Horned_Scroll)
Hornet Card (Hornet_Card)
Horong Card (Horong_Card)
Horrendous Hair (Slender_Snake)
Horrendous Mouth (Horrendous_Mouth)
Horse King (Horse_King)
Horseshoe (Horseshoe)
Hot Dog (Hotdog)
Hot Tea (Hot_Tee)
Hot-blooded Headband (Headband_Of_Power)
Hovering Booster (Hovering_Booster)
How To Grow Plant Genes (Plant_Genetic_Grow)
Howard Alt-Eisen Card (Harword_Card)
Howard's Memory (Howard_Memory)
HP Absorb Supplement Reactor (HPAbsorb1_Supplement_Reactor)
HP Doctor Ticket (HP_Doctor_Ticket)
HP Increase Potion (Large) (HP_Increase_PotionL)
HP Increase Potion (Medium) (HP_Increase_PotionM)
HP Increase Potion (Small) (HP_Increase_PotionS)
HP Reactor Blueprint (HP_Reactor_Blueprint)
HP Stone(Lower) (HPStone_Bottom)
HP Stone(Middle) (HPStone_Middle)
HP Supplement Reactor (HP_Supplement_Reactor)
HP+100 (HP100)
HP+200 (HP200)
HP+300 (HP300)
HP+400 (HP400)
HP+500 (HP500)
HR-S55-OS (HR-S55-OS)
Hrodvitnir's Chain (Hrodvitnir's_Chain)
Huge Jewery (Huge_Jewery)
Huge Leaf (Great_Leaf)
Huge Metal Scrap (Huge_Metal_Scrap)
Huge Spray Of Flowers (Large_Spray_Of_Flowers)
Hugging Alice Pilow (Hugging_Alice_Pilow)
Huike Choco (Huike_Choco)
Human Blindfold (Human_Blindfold)
Human's Cookbook (Human's_Cookbook)
Humanoid Chimera Card (Humanoid_Chimera_Card)
Humming Bird (Humming_Bird)
Hung Doll (Hanging_Doll)
Hunter Bow (Hunter_Bow)
Hunter Bow (Hunter_Bow_)
Hunter Fly Card (Hunter_Fly_Card)
Hunter Fly Egg (Hunter_Fly_Egg)
Hunter Fly Exchange Ticket (Hunter_Fly_Ticket)
Hunter Mail (Hunter_Mail)
Hunter Shadow Armor (Hunter_Shadow_Armor)
Hunter Shadow Shoes (Hunter_Shadow_Shoes)
Hunter Wolf Card (Hunter_Wolf_Card)
Hunter's Cap (Hunting_Cap)
Hunter's Earring (Hunter_Earring)
Hunting Arrow (Hunting_Arrow)
Hunting Arrow Cntr (Hunting_Arrow_Cntr)
Hunting Knife (Hunting_Knife)
Hunting Medal Badge (Hunting_Medal_Badge)
Hunting Shadow Weapon (S_Hunting_Weapon)
Hunting Spear (Hunting_Spear)
Hunting Spear (Hunting_Spear_M)
Hunting Spear Box M (Hunting_Spear_Box_M)
Hurricane's Fury (Hurricane_Fury)
Hurt Mind (Hurt_Mind)
Husky Hat (Husky_Hat)
Huuma Blaze Shuriken (Huuma_Blaze)
Huuma Blaze Shuriken (Huuma_Blaze_I)
Huuma Calm Mind (Huuma_Calm_Mind)
Huuma Giant Wheel Shuriken (Huuma_Giant_Wheel)
Huuma Giant Wheel Shuriken (Huuma_Giant_Wheel_)
Huuma Giant Wheel Shuriken (Huuma_Giant_Wheel_C)
Huuma Metal Shuriken (Huuma_Metal_Shuriken)
Huuma Shuriken Clearness (Huuma_Shuriken_Clearness)
Huuma Shuriken of Dancing Petals (Huuma_Shuriken_of_Dancing_Petals)
Huuma Shuriken of Vicious Mind (Huuma_Shuriken_of_Vicious_Mind)
Huuma Wing Shuriken (Huuma_Bird_Wing)
Hwergelmir's Tonic (Dex_Dish10)
Hwergelmir's Tonic (Dex_Dish10_)
Hwergelmir's Tonic (Dex_Dish10_M)
Hwergelmir's Tonic (E_Dex_Dish10_)
Hwergelmir's Tonic 20 Box (Hwergelmir's_Tonic_Box_20)
Hwergelmir's Tonic 30 Box (Dex_Dish_Box30)
Hwergelmir's Tonic 30 Box (F_Dex_Dish_Box30)
Hwergelmir's Tonic 50 Box (Dex_Dish_Box50)
Hwergelmir's Tonic 50 Box (F_Dex_Dish_Box50)
Hwergelmir's Tonic Box (Dex_Dish_Box)
Hwergelmir's Tonic Box (Mbl_Dex_Dish_Box)
Hwergelmir's Tonic Box (F_Dex_Dish_Box)
Hwergelmir's Tonic Box (10) (Hwergelmir's_Tonic_Box_10)
Hydra Ball (Leaf_Cat_Ball)
Hydra Card (Hydra_Card)
Hydrolancer Card (Hydro_Card)
Hyegun Egg (Hyegun_Egg)
Hyegun Hat (Hyegun_Hat)
Hylozoist Card (Hylozoist_Card)
Hypnotist's Staff (Hypnotist's_Staff)
Hypnotist's Staff (Hypnotist's_Staff_)
Hyuke's Black Cat Ears (Whikebain_Ears)