.:Basic Server Requirements:.

Your server must meet all of the following basic server listing requirements:

  • Your server is currently (or within 1 week of being) up and running
  • Your server website must contain the following information:
    • Server Details: A page that list the server rates and features.
    • Communication: A way to support players outside of the game. Such as a forum, Facebook page/group or discord.
    • Connection: A client download link or instruction on connecting to your server.
    • Registration: A control panel for registering new accounts or instruction on creating an account.
  • Your server is not involved with Crypto and/or NFTs.
  • You agree to abide by our Terms of Services
If any of the above requirement is not meet, your listing may be put on hold until a satisfying re-validation is completed.

Providing incentives to players for reviews is a BANNABLE offense.

Thank you for your attention.

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