.:Basic Server Requirements:.

Your server must meet all of the following basic server listing requirements:

  • Your server is completed
  • Your server is currently up and running
  • Your server is going to be up 24/7 except during crash or maintenance
  • Your server accept player registration at the current time and in the foreseeable future
  • Your server has a completed website and/or forum (just a link to download your client or display your sclientinfo is unacceptable)
  • Your server homepage includes connection information, registration information and support/help information
  • Your server homepage includes a control panel with status display, an interactive chat section or a community forum that will make clear to new visitor that your server is online and active (just a support email address or contact form is unacceptable)
  • You agree to abide by our Terms of Services
If any of the above requirement is not meet, reserve the right to remove your server from the server listing with or without notice.

Providing incentives to players for reviews is a BANNABLE offense.

Thank you for your attention.

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