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I Love China (Lovecap_China)
I Love You (I_Love_You)
I Love You Firecracker (Fire_Cracker_Love)
I Love You Firecracker Box (Fire_Cracker_Love_Box)
I Respect You (I_Respect_You)
Iara Card (Iara_Card)
Icarus Wings (Icarus_Wing)
Ice Amulet (Charm_Ice)
Ice Bullet (Ice_Bullet)
Ice Bullet Cartridge (Bullet_Case_Ice)
Ice Cream (Ice_Cream)
Ice Crystal (Ice_Crystal)
Ice Cubic (Ice_Piece)
Ice Falchion (Ice_Falchon)
Ice Fireworks (Flaming_Ice)
Ice Ghost Card (Ice_Ghost_Card)
Ice Pick (House_Auger)
Ice Pick (House_Auger_)
Ice Pick (House_Auger_I)
Ice Piece (Ice_Fragment)
Ice Prison Dress (Ice_Prison_Dress)
Ice Scale (Ice_Scale)
Ice Stone (Ice_Stone)
Ice Titan Card (Ice_Titan_Card)
Ice Wing Ear (Ice_Wing_Ear)
Ice Wing Ear Box (Ice_Wing_Ear_Box)
Icecream Hat (Icecream_Hat)
Icecream Hat Box (Icecream_Hat_Box)
Icicle Fist (Icicle_Fist)
Icicle Kunai (Kunai_Of_Icicle)
Icicle Staff (Icicle_Staff)
Icicle Whip (Whip_Of_Ice_Piece)
Identification Box (Name_Change_Coupon_Box)
Idiot Key (Idiot_Key)
Idn Heart Scroll (Idn_Heart_Scroll)
Idn Independ Scroll (Idn_Independ_Scroll)
IdRO Crown (IdRO_Crown)
Idul Fitri Card (Idul_Fitri_Card)
Idul Fitri Card (RAMADAN_)
Ifodes Card (Ifodes_Card)
Ifrit Card (Ifrit_Card)
Iggdrasilberry Box (Iggdrasilberry_Box)
Ignis Cap (Ignis_Cap)
Ignus Steel (Ygnus_Stale)
Illusion Ancient Cape (Illusion_Ancient_Cape)
Illusion Apocalypse (Illusion_Apocalypse)
Illusion Apple of Archer (Illusion_Apple_of_Archer)
Illusion Armor A-type (Illusion_Armor_A-type)
Illusion Armor B-type (Illusion_Armor_B-type)
Illusion Ballista (Illusion_Ballista)
Illusion Battle chip L (Illusion_Battle_chip_L)
Illusion Battle chip R (Illusion_Battle_chip_R)
Illusion Bazerald (Illusion_Bazerald)
Illusion Booster L (Illusion_Booster_L)
Illusion Booster R (Illusion_Booster_R)
Illusion Boots (Illusion_Boots)
Illusion Butcher (Illusion_Butcher)
Illusion Cap (Illusion_Cap)
Illusion Combo Battle Glove (Illusion_Combo_Battle_Glove)
Illusion Counter Dagger (Illusion_Counter_Dagger)
Illusion Engine wing A-type (Illusion_Engine_wing_A-type)
Illusion Engine wing B-type (Illusion_Engine_wing_B-type)
Illusion Fancy Flower (Illusion_Fancy_Flower)
Illusion Flower (Illusion_Flower)
Illusion Gate Keeper DD (Illusion_Gate_Keeper_DD)
Illusion Gemstone (Illusion_Gemstone)
Illusion Goibne Armor (Illusion_Goibne_Armor)
Illusion Goibne Helm (Illusion_Goibne_Helm)
Illusion Goibne Spaulders (Illusion_Goibne_Spaulders)
Illusion Goibne's Greaves (Illusion_Goibne's_Greaves)
Illusion Gold Lux (Illusion_Gold_Lux)
Illusion Hot-blooded Headband (Illusion_Hot_blooded_Headband)
Illusion Hunter Bow (Illusion_Hunter_Bow)
Illusion Huuma Fluttering Snow (Illusion_Huuma_Fluttering_Snow)
Illusion Immaterial Sword (Illusion_Immaterial_Sword)
Illusion Infiltrator (Illusion_Infiltrator)
Illusion Iron Driver (Illusion_Iron_Driver)
Illusion Leg A-type (Illusion_Leg_A-type)
Illusion Leg B-type (Illusion_Leg_B-type)
Illusion Long Mace (Illusion_Long_Mace)
Illusion Moonlight Dagger (Illusion_Moonlight_Dagger)
Illusion Morpheus's Bracelet (Illusion_Morpheus's_Bracelet)
Illusion Morpheus's Hood (Illusion_Morpheus's_Hood)
Illusion Morpheus's Ring (Illusion_Morpheus's_Ring)
Illusion Morpheus's Shawl (Illusion_Morpheus's_Shawl)
Illusion Muffler (Illusion_Muffler)
Illusion Nothing (Illusion_Nothing)
Illusion Nurse Cap (Illusion_Nurse_Cap)
Illusion Piece (Illusion_Piece)
Illusion Pole Axe (Illusion_Pole_Axe)
Illusion Puente Robe (Illusion_Puente_Robe)
Illusion Ring (Illusion_Ring)
Illusion Sacred Mission (Illusion_Sacred_Mission)
Illusion Sharpened Legbone of Ghoul (Illusion_Sharpened_Legbone_of_Ghoul)
Illusion Shoes (Illusion_Shoes)
Illusion Skull Ring (Illusion_Skull_Ring)
Illusion Spectral Spear (Illusion_Spectral_Spear)
Illusion Staff of Bordeaux (Illusion_Staff_of_Bordeaux)
Illusion Stone (Illusion_Stone)
Illusion Survivor Manteau (Illusion_Survivor_Manteau)
Illusion Survivor's Staff (Illusion_Survivor's_Staff)
Illusion Tablet (Illusion_Tablet)
Illusion Tae Goo Lyeon (Illusion_Tae_Goo_Lyeon)
Illusion War Axe (Illusion_War_Axe)
Illusion Wing Shuriken (Illusion_Wing_Shuriken)
Illusion Wizardry Staff (Illusion_Wizardry_Staff)
Immaterial Arrow (Immatrial_Arrow)
Immaterial Arrow Quiver (Imma_Arrow_Container)
Immaterial Sword (Immaterial_Sword)
Immortal Corps Card (Immortal_Corps_Card)
Immortal Cursed Knight Card (Immortal_Cursed_Knight_Card)
Immortal Dog Tag (Immortal_Dog_Tag)
Immortal Egg (Immortal_Egg)
Immortal Heart (Immortal_Heart)
Immortal Stew (Vit_Dish10)
Immortal Stew (Vit_Dish10_M)
Immortal Stew (E_Vit_Dish10_)
Immortal Stew 20 Box (Stew_Of_Immortality_Box_20)
Immortal Stew Box (Mbl_Vit_Dish_Box)
Immortal Stew Box (10) (Immortal_Stew_Box_10)
Immortal Wind Ghost Card (Immortal_Wind_Ghost_Card)
Immortality Egg (Immortality_Egg)
Immune Athena Shadow Shield (S_Immune_Athena_Shield)
Immune Level 1 (Immuned1)
Immune Scroll (Immune_Scroll)
Immune Shadow Armor (S_Immune_Armor)
Immune Shield (Immuned_Shield)
Immuned Shield Box (Immuned_Shield_Box)
Imp Card (Imp_Card)
Imp Egg (Imp_Egg)
Imp Hat (Imp_Hat)
Imp Pet Exchange Coupon (Imp_Pet_Coupon)
Imperial Boots (Imperial_Boots)
Imperial Feather (Imperial_Feather)
Imperial Glove (Imperial_Glove)
Imperial Guard (Imperial_Guard)
Imperial Ring (Imperial_Ring)
Imperial Spear (Imperial_Spear)
Improved Bongun Hat (Remodel_Bongun_Hat)
Improved Bunny Band (Remodel_Bunny_Band)
Improved Coin Bag (High_Coin_Pocket)
Improved Joker Jester (Remodel_Joker_Jester)
Improved Kitsune Mask (Remodel_Mask_Of_Fox)
Improved Mage Hat (Remodel_Wizardry_Hat)
Improved Magician Hat (Remodel_Magician_Hat)
Improved Munak Hat (Remodel_Munak_Turban)
Improved Opera Phantom Mask (Remodel_Opera_Mask)
Improved Tights (Improved_Tights)
Incandescence Shot Cartridge (Bullet_Case_Blaze)
Incense (Incense)
Incense Bag (Perfume_Pouch)
Inconspicuous Hat (Inconspicuous_Hat)
Increase AGI 10 scroll Box (Inc_Agi_10_Scroll_Box)
Increase AGI 10 scroll Box (F_Inc_Agi_10_Scroll_Box)
Increase Agility Scroll 10 Box (J_Inc_Agi10_Box)
Increase Agility Scroll 30 Box (Inc_Agi_10_Box30)
Increase Agility Scroll 30 Box (F_Inc_Agi_10_Box30)
Increase Agility Scroll 50 Box (Inc_Agi_10_Box50)
Increase Agility Scroll 50 Box (F_Inc_Agi_10_Box50)
Increase Agility Scroll Box (10) (Increase_Agility_Scroll_Box_10)
Increase Agility Scroll Lv 10 (E_Inc_Agi_10_Scroll)
Increase Stamina Study (Increase_Stamina_Study)
Incredible Event Resignation Coat (Incredible_Coat)
Incredibly Spicy Curry (Agi_Dish08)
Incubus Card (Incubus_Card)
Incubus Egg (Incubus_Egg)
Incubus Exchange Coupon (Ticket_Incubus)
Incubus Horn (Inccubus_Horn)
Independence Memorial Hat (Baseball_Cap_)
Indian Feather Headband (Indi_Feather_Band)
Indian Fillet (Indian_Hair_Piece)
Indian Headband (Indian_Headband)
Indian Rice Cake (Indian_Rice_Cake)
Indifferent Solo Hat (Solo_Play_Box1)
Indigo Point (Indigo_Pts)
Indigo Scroll (Indigo_Scroll)
Indonesia (Word_Card05)
Indonesia Beret Box (Indonesia_Beret_Box)
Indonesia Box2 (Indonesia_Box2)
Indonesian Independence Sakkat (Idn_Sakkat)
Inferno (Inferno)
Infiltrator (Infiltrator)
Infiltrator (Infiltrator_)
Infiltrator (Infiltrator_C)
Infiltrator Box (Infiltrator_Box)
Infinite Awakening Potion (Infinite_Awakening_Potion)
Infinite Awakening Potion (Infinite_Awakening_Potion_)
Infinite Awakening Potion 3rd Box (Infinite_Awakening_Potion_3rd_Box)
Infinite Berserk Potion (Infinite_Berserk_Potion)
Infinite Berserk Potion (Infinite_Berserk_Potion_)
Infinite Berserk Potion 3rd Box (Infinite_Berserk_Potion_3rd_Box)
Infinite Chimera Card (Min_Chimera_Card)
Infinite Concentration Potion (Infinite_Concentration_Potion)
Infinite Concentration Potion (Infinite_Concentration_Potion_)
Infinite Concentration Potion 3rd Box (Infinite_Concentration_Potion_3rd_Box)
Infinite Eclipse Card (Min_Eclipse_Card)
Infinite Eddga Card (Min_Eddga_Card)
Infinite Flywing (C_Wing_Of_Fly)
Infinite Flywing Box (Infinite_Flywing_Box)
Infinite Giant Fly Wing Box (Infinite_Giant_Fly_Wing_Box)
Infinite Giant Fly Wing Box V (Infinite_Giant_Fly_Wing_Box_V)
Infinite Orc Hero Card (Min_Orc_Hero_Card)
Infinite Osiris Card (Min_Osiris_Card)
Infinite Phreeoni Card (Min_Phreeoni_Card)
Infinite Tao Gunka Card (Min_Tao_Gunka_Card)
Infinite Toad Card (Min_Toad_Card)
Infinite Vagabond Wolf Card (Min_Vagabond_Wolf_Card)
Infinite Vocal Card (Min_Vocal_Card)
Infinity Axe (Infinity_Axe)
Infinity Bow (Infinity_Bow)
Infinity Dagger (Infinity_Dagger)
Infinity Mace (Infinity_Mace)
Infinity Pistol (Infinity_Pistol)
Infinity Shadow Earring (S_Infinity_Earring)
Infinity Shadow Pendant (S_Infinity_Pendant)
Infinity Shadow Weapon (S_Infinity_Weapon)
Infinity Shuriken (Infinity_Shuriken)
Infinity Two-handed Stick (Infinity_Two-handed_Stick)
Infinity Two-Handed Sword (Infinity_Two-Handed_Sword)
Infinity Violin (Infinity_Violin)
Infinity Whip (Infinity_Whip)
Injured Eyepatch (Injured_Eyepatch)
Injustice Card (Injustice_Card)
Inorganic Pumpkin (INORGANIC_PUMPKIN)
Insect Feeler (Insect_Feeler)
Insect Leg (Long_Limb)
Insect Shadow Weapon (S_Insect_Net_Weapon)
Insecticide Ring (Insecticide_Ring)
Insecticide Ring Box (Insecticide_Ring_Box)
Insecticide Ring Box II (Insecticide_Ring_Box2)
Insecticide Shoes (Shadow) (S_Insecticide_Shoes)
Inside-out Shirt (Insideout_Shirt)
Insomnia Shadow Armor (S_Insomniac_Armor)
Insomnia Shadow Shoes (S_Insomniac_Shoes)
Insomniac Shadow Shoes II (S_Insomniac_Shoes_II)
Insurance Package (Insurance_Package)
Insurance Package (F_Insurance_Package)
Int + 1 (Int1_J)
Int + 2 (Int2_J)
Int + 3 (Int3_J)
Int Dish20 (Int_Dish20)
Int Glove (Int_Glove)
Int Glove (Int_Glove_)
INT Reactor Blueprint (INT_Reactor_Blueprint)
INT Supplement Reactor (INT_Supplement_Reactor)
INT+1 (Inteligence1)
INT+10 (Inteligence10)
INT+2 (Inteligence2)
INT+3 (Inteligence3)
INT+4 (Inteligence4)
INT+5 (Inteligence5)
INT+6 (Inteligence6)
INT+7 (Inteligence7)
INT+8 (Inteligence8)
INT+9 (Inteligence9)
Integer Time (Integer_Time)
Intellect Amplification Scroll (Inc_Int_Scroll)
Intelligence Stone(Middle) (Floor_Int2)
Intelligence Stone(Upper) (Floor_Int)
Intelligent Shadow Earring (S_Int_Earring)
Intelligent Shadow Pendant (S_Int_Pendant)
Intermediate Coin Bag (Mid_Coin_Pocket)
Intermediate Leaf Talisman (Intermediate_Leaf_Talisman)
Intermediate Mackerel Talisman (Intermediate_Mackerel_Talisman)
Intermediate Rabbit Talisman (Intermediate_Rabbit_Talisman)
Internet Cafe1 (Internet_Cafe1)
Internet Cafe2 (Internet_Cafe2)
Internet Cafe3 (Internet_Cafe3)
Internet Cafe4 (Internet_Cafe4)
Invasion Plan (Invasion_Plan)
Invective Robe (Invective_Robe)
Inverse Scale (Inverse_Scale)
Inverse Scale (Inverse_Scale_)
Invisible Manteau (Invisible_Manteau)
Invitation Letter (Invitation_Letter)
Invitation of Darkness (DARK_INVITATION)
Invitation Ticket (Invitation_Ticket)
Invite for Duel (Invite_For_Duel)
IPOD Coupon (IPOD_Ticker)
iPod nano Raffle Ticket (Pass_F3)
Irene High Elder Card (Irene_High_Elder_Card)
Iris (Iris)
iROGM02's Backpack (BurnBuster_Bag)
Iron (Iron)
Iron Arrow (Iron_Arrow)
Iron Arrow Quiver (Iron_Arrow_Container)
Iron Boots (Iron_Boots01)
Iron Boots (Iron_Boots02)
Iron Box (Iron_10_Box)
Iron Cain (Iron_Cane)
Iron Cannon Ball (Iron_Cannon_Ball)
Iron Driver (Iron_Driver)
Iron Fist Card (Iron_Fist_Card)
Iron Hammer (Iron_Hammer)
Iron Maiden (Iron_Maiden)
Iron Nail (Iron_nail)
Iron Ore (Iron_Ore)
Iron Treasure Box (Iron_Treasure_Box)
Iron Worm (Iron_Bug)
Iron Wrist (Iron_Wrist)
Isa Rune (Runstone_Isia)
Isabella Blue Ear (Isabella_Blue_Ear)
Isabella Brown Ear (Isabella_Brown_Ear)
Isabella Red Ear (Isabella_Red_Ear)
Isilla Card (Isilla_Card)
Isis Card (Isis_Card)
Isis Egg (Isis_Egg)
Isis Exchange Ticket (Isis_Ticket)
Item Appraisal (Item_Appraisal)
Ivory Knife (Ivory_Knife)
Ivory Lance (Ivory_Lance)
Ixion Wings (Ixion_Wing)
Izidor (Izidor)