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Valkyrie Drop [1]   [Accessory]   Item ID# 28564 (Valkyrie_Drop)
Type Armor Class Accessory Buy 20z Sell 10z Weight 3
Defense 0Required Lvl 100Slot 1
Refineable No
Applicable Jobs
Every Job
Description A tear shed by battle maiden when she killed her victim in battlefield that was crystalized. It is said some of God's powers were sealed in it.
Increases SP regen by 50%.
Reduces variable cast time by 10%.
Reduces variable cast time of Oratio by 50%.
Reduces fixed cast time of Oratio by 100%.

Every 2 Base Level:
Increases Magnus Exorcismus damage by 3%.

Every level of Impositio Manus:
Increases magical damage inflicted on Small, Medium and Large monsters by 3%.

When learned Level 5 Impositio Manus:
Enables use of Level 2 Odin's Power.

[iRO Description]
Crystallized teardrops of a Valkyrie who mourned for the death of a comrade. The drop possesses divine powers.
Class: Accessory
Requires Level: 100
SP Recovery + 50%
Reduces the variable casting time of skills by 10%.
Reduces the variable casting time of Oratio by 50%.
Reduces the fixed casting time of Oratio by 100%.
Reduces the cast delay of skills by 5%.
Increases magical damage on Small, Medium and Large size targets by 3% per level of Impositio Manus known.
Enables Level 2 Odin's Power, if Impositio Manus is at maximum level.
Increases the damage of Magnus Exorcismus by 3% for every 2 base levels.
Item Script
{ [email protected] = getskilllv("PR_IMPOSITIO"); bonus bSPrecovRate,50; bonus bVariableCastrate,-10; bonus bDelayrate,-5; bonus2 bVariableCastrate,"AB_ORATIO",-50; bonus2 bFixedCastrate,"AB_ORATIO",-100; bonus2 bMagicAddSize,Size_All,3*[email protected]; bonus2 bSkillAtk,"PR_MAGNUS",3*(Baselevel/2); if ([email protected] == 5) skill "ALL_ODINS_POWER",2; },{},{}
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