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Redemptio [Quest Skill] (Skill ID# 1014)
Type Supportive Max Lv 1Attack Type Holy Property, Magic
SP Cost400 TargetSelf
Area29 x 29 cells
Cast Time[Pre-Renewal: 4 sec]
[Renewal: 3.2 sec]
Fixed Cast Time0.8 sec (Renewal only)
EffectKill yourself (and receive EXP penalty), but revive all other dead party members near you.
All revived players will have recovered 50% of their HP. The more party members you revive, the less EXP penalty you get.
Casting time is 4 seconds, and this skill ignores DEX for casting time reduction. Will not work if your current EXP is below 1%.
Editor's Note: I speculate the EXP loss to be (1-Resurrected Members)*0.01%
Other Notes
  • Skill's cast time is not affected by dex
Can be learnt from Priest Platinum Skills Quests

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