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Harmonize (Skill ID# 2383)
Type Active / Buff Max Lv 5
TargetPlayerRange9 cells
Requirements (May vary for different classes, view skill by classes is recommended)
Deep Sleep Lullaby Lv 1
Required ForSong of Mana (Lv 1, Minstrel), Dance With Warg (Lv 1, Minstrel), Lerad's Dew (Lv 1, Minstrel)
Stay Duration60 sec
Cast Time1 sec
Cool Down5 sec
Cast Delay1 sec
Req. Weapon ClassMusical Instrument, Whip
EffectEnter a state of harmony with another player or monster. Doing so will equalize all bonus stats of the caster and the target for 60 seconds. An instrument is required to cast this skill.
Other Notes
  • Skill is blockable by Kagehumi (Shadow Trampling)
1All bonus stats become 10
2All bonus stats become 15
3All bonus stats become 20
4All bonus stats become 25
5All bonus stats become 30

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