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Spirit Control (Skill ID# 2456)
Type Active Max Lv 4
Requirements (May vary for different classes, view skill by classes is recommended)
Elemental Analysis Lv 1
Required ForSummon Agni (Lv 1, Sorcerer), Summon Aqua (Lv 1, Sorcerer), Summon Ventus (Lv 1, Sorcerer), Summon Tera (Lv 1, Sorcerer), Elemental Action (Lv 3, Sorcerer), Spirit Sympathy (Lv 3, Sorcerer), Elemental Shield (Lv 3, Sorcerer)
Cast Time2 sec
+ 20% of original cast time as fixed cast time (Renewal only)
Cool Down5 sec
Required StateRequires to have an Elemental Spirit summoned
EffectSwitches your summoned spirit from Standby Mode to passive (buff) mode, defensive mode, and offensive mode. Using the skill again returns the spirit to standby mode. While in standby, the spirit will recover HP and SP faster.
Other Notes
1Change the Spirit to Passive Mode
2Change the Spirit to Defensive Mode
3Change the Spirit to Offensive Mode
4Cancels the currently Summoned Spirit

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