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Warp Portal (Skill ID# 27)
Type Active Max Lv 4Attack Type Magic
SP Cost38 - 3*SkillLV TargetGroundRange9 cells
Requirements (May vary for different classes, view skill by classes is recommended)
Teleportation Lv 2
Required ForPneuma (Lv 4, Acolyte), Pneuma (Lv 4, Super Novice)
Stay DurationMin-Max Lv: 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 sec
Cast Time[Pre-Renewal: 1 sec]
[Renewal: None]
Fixed Cast Time1 sec (Renewal only)
Cast Delay1 sec
Item Required1 Blue Gemstone
EffectCreates a warp portal at the targeted cell after a destination is selected from a list. This spell cannot be cast under a monster or player.
If anyone steps onto the targeted cell while the destination is being selected, the spell will fail. After successful casting, anyone stepping onto the affected cell will be teleported to the selected destination.
The destinations that may be selected are set by the use of the /memo command while standing in the desired location and by your current Save Point.
You may not set a memo point on Indoors map (dungeons and inside buildings in cities) and some maps that are far away from cities. If you make a new Memo Point on a map where you already have a Memo Point, that Memo Point will be replaced.
After filling all 3 possible Memo Points, setting a new Memo Point will replace the oldest current Memo Point (the bottom one on the list). The number of Memo Points available to you is equal to the SkillLV - 1 (therefore, at level 1 you have no memo points available and can only cast a Warp Portal to your Save Point).
The maximum capacity of people that the caster can warp at a time is 8 regardless of its skill level. No more than 3 Warp Portals cast by the one caster can be in effect at the same time. If the caster leaves the map where the portal has been cast, the portal disappears.
Other Notes
  • You cannot cast more than 3 instances of this skill before the first one expires.
  • Cannot be used in GvG maps
  • Cannot be used in Battleground maps
  • Cannot be used in WoE:TE castles
  • Cannot be used in Aldebaran Turbo Track
  • Spell cannot be stacked
  • Spell cannot be cast near/on targets
  • Spell effects do not overlap
1Warp to the Save Point.
2Enable to Use 1 Memo point.
3Enable to Use 2 Memo points.
4Enable to Use 3 Memo points.

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