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Musical Lesson (Skill ID# 315, iRO Name: Music Lessons)
Type Passive Max Lv 10
Required ForMusical Strike (Lv 3, Bard), Dissonance (Lv 1, Bard), Wand of Hermode (Lv 10, Clown), Longing for Freedom (Lv 10, Clown), Marionette Control (Lv 5, Clown), Moonlit Water Mill (Lv 7, Clown)
EffectRaises Attack Power of instruments by 3 per SkillLV, and increases effects of songs. This skill also partially counters the walking speed reduction while performing.
Other Notes
1ATK +3
2ATK +6
3ATK +9
4ATK +12
5ATK +15
6ATK +18
7ATK +21
8ATK +24
9ATK +27
10ATK +30

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