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Soul Drain (Skill ID# 364)
Type Passive Max Lv 10
Requirements (May vary for different classes, view skill by classes is recommended)
Increase Spiritual Power Lv 5, Soul Strike Lv 7
EffectEvery time you kill an enemy using spells, you will receive a certain amount of SP back, depending on the monster level.
The formula is MonsterLV x Drain. The Drain amount is (95+15*SkillLV)% (e.g. killing a LV 20 Enemy with a LV 5 Soul Drain will give you 34 SP). This skill also increases your Maximum SP by 2% per SkillLV.
The SP drain only works for targeted spells, not area spells.
Other Notes
1Maximum SP +2%, SP Drain 110%
2Maximum SP +4%, SP Drain 125%
3Maximum SP +6%, SP Drain 140%
4Maximum SP +8%, SP Drain 155%
5Maximum SP +10%, SP Drain 170%
6Maximum SP +12%, SP Drain 185%
7Maximum SP +14%, SP Drain 200%
8Maximum SP +16%, SP Drain 215%
9Maximum SP +18%, SP Drain 230%
10Maximum SP +20%, SP Drain 245%

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