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Enjoyable Rest (Skill ID# 423, iRO Name: Happy Break)
Type Passive Max Lv 10
Area3 x 3 cells
Required ForWarm Wind (Lv 5, Taekwon), Kaina (Lv 1, Soul Linker)
Stay Duration1800 sec
EffectIf there is another TaeKwon, Star Gladiator or Soul Linker sitting next to you while sitting, this skill activates, allowing you to regenerate SP.
The SP recovered listed just below is the base value, and it increases depending on your INT. This skill no longer works when you are overweight.
If both players sit and use /doridori while under this skill effects, an icon appear and then the Happy Status is triggered for both for 30 minutes.
If you use "Earth Spike Scroll" while under this Happy Status, it takes 10 SP and has a small chance of using this scroll up.
At level 1, it uses it up at 10% chance, and at level 10, it uses at 1% chance. The Happy Status remains after death.
Other Notes
13 SP
26 SP
39 SP
412 SP
516 SP
618 SP
721 SP
824 SP
927 SP
1030 SP

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