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Beast Strafing [Spirit Skill (Must be Soul Linked)] (Skill ID# 499, iRO Name: Beast Charge)
Type Offensive Max Lv 1Attack Type Use Weapon Property, Weapon
SP Cost12TargetEnemyRange9 cells
Requirements (May vary for different classes, view skill by classes is recommended)
Double Strafing Lv 10
Stay Duration0.1 sec
Cast Delay0.1 sec
Req. Weapon ClassBow
Ammunition Required1 Arrow
EffectIf the target is a Beast-type and you used Double Strafing, you can use this skill to do extra Double Strafing on the target.
Only usable right after using Double Strafing, and its power is heavily affected by STR.
Other Notes
  • Skill range affected by Vulture's Eye

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