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Throwing Mastery (Skill ID# 522, iRO Name: Dagger Throwing Practice)
Type Passive Max Lv 10
Required ForThrow Shuriken (Lv 1, Ninja), Throw Huuma Shuriken (Lv 5, Ninja), Throw Zeny (Lv 10, Ninja), Final Strike (Lv 7, Ninja)
EffectIncrease Throw Shuriken skill damage by +3*SkillLV.
This bonus damage completely bypasses all defense and hits the target even in cases where you normally would miss.
Other Notes
1ATK +3
2ATK +6
3ATK +9
4ATK +12
5ATK +15
6ATK +18
7ATK +21
8ATK +24
9ATK +27
10ATK +30

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