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Kyrie Eleison (Skill ID# 73)
Type Active Max Lv 10Attack Type Magic
SP Cost20 + 5*[(SkillLV - 1)/3 rounded down] TargetPlayerRange9 cells
Requirements (May vary for different classes, view skill by classes is recommended)
Angelus Lv 2
Required ForGloria (Lv 4, Priest), Basilica (Lv 3, High Priest), Praefatio (Lv 1, Arch Bishop)
Stay Duration120 sec
Cast Time[Pre-Renewal: 2 sec]
[Renewal: 1.6 sec]
Fixed Cast Time0.4 sec (Renewal only)
Cast Delay2 sec
EffectCreates a Kyrie Eleison effect on the target character. This effect will block MaxHPofTarget*(10+2*SkillLV)% damage OR (5+SkillLV/2) hits, whichever is reached first.
Damage in excess of the amount blocked will transfer through and count as a hit of lowered damage. Hits are only assessed when a blow would normally land and not for every swing by a monster (despite showing an "Auto Guard" graphic with every swing for the effected player and a miss for every other player).
Any Magic attack will do full damage to the affected target, while still counting against the maximum damage and number of hits of Kyrie Eleison. Casting Holy Light or Assumptio on someone with this effect will cancel it entirely. When a second instance is cast on a target, then it will replace the first instance.
Other Notes
112% of Maximum HP, 5 attacks
214% of Maximum HP, 6 attacks
316% of Maximum HP, 6 attacks
418% of Maximum HP, 7 attacks
520% of Maximum HP, 7 attacks
622% of Maximum HP, 8 attacks
724% of Maximum HP, 8 attacks
826% of Maximum HP, 9 attacks
928% of Maximum HP, 9 attacks
1030% of Maximum HP, 10 attacks

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