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Sightrasher [Skill can hit trap-type skill] (Skill ID# 81)
Type Offensive, Combo Max Lv 10Attack Type Fire, Magic
SP Cost33 + 2*SkillLV TargetSelf
Area7x7 cells Knockback5 cell(s)
Requirements (May vary for different classes, view skill by classes is recommended)
Lightning Bolt Lv 1, Sight Lv 1
Required ForMeteor Storm (Lv 2, Wizard)
Stay Duration0.5 sec
Cast Time[Pre-Renewal: 0.5 sec]
[Renewal: 0.32 sec]
Fixed Cast Time0.08 sec (Renewal only)
Cast Delay2 sec
Required StatusSight
EffectCan only be cast when Sight is active. Shoots fire in all 8 directions away from the caster, each Fireball does (100+20*SkillLV)% MATK and pushes the target back.
Other Notes
1120% MATK
2140% MATK
3160% MATK
4180% MATK
5200% MATK
6220% MATK
7240% MATK
8260% MATK
9280% MATK
10300% MATK

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