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Concentration (Skill ID# 357, iRO Name: Spear Dynamo)
Type Supportive Max Lv 5Attack Type Weapon
SP Cost10 + 4*SkillLV TargetSelf
Requirements (May vary for different classes, view skill by classes is recommended)
Increase Recuperative Power Lv 5, Spear Mastery Lv 5, Riding Lv 1
Stay DurationMin-Max Lv: 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 sec
EffectIf you use this skill, your HIT and damage will receive a huge increase, but all your defense based upon equipment and stats will decrease.
This skill also gives the Endure effect upon cast without further SP cost and will reset the 7-Hit counter if the Endure effect was already active.
Also, the 10 sec recast Endure timer will be reset, but only if the original effect came from the Swordman Endure Skill (yes, basically you can recast Endure within
the 10 sec with this, but only ONCE, since Concentration-Endure does NOT reset its own Endure timer). Contrary to the IRO name, it can be used with every weapon.
Other Notes
  • Cannot be used in Aldebaran Turbo Track
1HIT +10, ATK +5%, DEF -5%, 25 Sec
2HIT +20, ATK +10%, DEF -10%, 30 Sec
3HIT +30, ATK +15%, DEF -15%, 35 Sec
4HIT +40, ATK +20%, DEF -20%, 40 Sec
5HIT +50, ATK +25%, DEF -25%, 45 Sec

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