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  • PK Server refers to a server with a majority of maps on PVP Mode (including leveling places).
  • RP Server refers to a server with custom classes, special story lines or allow players to role play in a story type setting.
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Healer    Skill Resetter    Stat Resetter   
Job Changer    Platinum Skill NPC    Town Warper   
Dungeon Warper    Field Warper    Card Remover   
Buff NPC    Same-Sex Marriage    MVP Room   
Gold Room    Custom Maps    Battleground   
Vanilla WoE    Floating Exp Rates    Client Side Security   
Renewal: Have Third Job or Higher   
Pre-Renewal: Have Rebirth/Trans Classes   
Classic: Up to Second Job (No Rebirth/Trans Classes)   
  • Vanilla WoE refers to an extra WoE setup (separated from the normal WoE time) where certain overpowered items, skills or classes are disabled.
  • Client Side Security refers to any effort put into the server's client exe to stop players from using macro, cheat or bot in-game.
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