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Stone Curse (Skill ID# 16)
Type Active Max Lv 10Attack Type Earth Property, Magic
SP Cost26 - SkillLV TargetEnemyRange2 cells
Required ForIce Wall (Lv 1, Wizard), Earth Spike (Lv 1, Wizard), Seismic Weapon (Lv 1, Sage), Ice Wall (Lv 1, Expanded Super Novice), Earth Spike (Lv 1, Expanded Super Novice)
Stay Duration5 sec
Effect Duration20 sec
Cast Time[Pre-Renewal: 1 sec]
[Renewal: 0.8 sec]
Fixed Cast Time0.2 sec (Renewal only)
Item Required1 Red Gemstone
EffectHas a (20+4*SkillLV)% chance of causing the Stone Curse effect to the targeted enemy. The Stone Curse effect changes the targets element into Earth 1, gives +25% MDEF and -50% Def and reduces the targets HP by 1% of Maximum HP every 5 seconds (cannot drop below 25% of Maximum HP).
Boss monsters cannot be Stone Cursed. Lex Aeterna and Steal cannot be used on a Stone Cursed target. Range is 2!! cells. From LV 6 on it no longer uses up a Gemstone if it fails.
Other Notes
124% Success Chance 25 SP
228% Success Chance 24 SP
332% Success Chance 23 SP
436% Success Chance 22 SP
540% Success Chance 21 SP
644% Success Chance 20 SP
748% Success Chance 19 SP
852% Success Chance 18 SP
956% Success Chance 17 SP
1060% Success Chance 16 SP

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