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Abracadabra (Skill ID# 290, iRO Name: Hocus pocus)
Type Random Max Lv 10Attack Type Magic
SP Cost50 TargetSelf
Requirements (May vary for different classes, view skill by classes is recommended)
Auto Spell Lv 5, Dispell Lv 1, Land Protector Lv 1
Item Required2 Yellow Gemstone
EffectCasts a random skill (can be ANY player skill e.g. Auto Counter or Hide and some special skills) at your own skill level. May produce some odd and funny effects.
Requires 2 Yellow Gemstones to use, and anything the produced skill would require e.g. Trap, Blue Gem or Red Gem. The produced skill will change in a random pattern with each cast.
Even with catalyst reducing items (Mistress Card) or buffs (Bard/Dancer Into the Abyss) the cost will not drop below 1 Yellow Gemstone. A For-Fun-Skill.
Other Notes
  • Cannot be used in WoE:SE

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