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Weapon - Two-handed Axe
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Maxi Spanner [2]   [Two Handed]   Item ID# 28138 (Maxi_Spanner)
Type Weapon Class Two-handed Axe Buy n/a Sell n/a Weight 450
Attack 340Required Lvl 170Weapon Lvl 4Slot 2
Applicable Jobs
Description A large, large spanner, which looks more like an axe with daunting size.

Decreases physical and magical damage taken from Small and Medium size enemies by 10%.
For each refine level: ATK +4.
Indestructible in battle

Refine Level +9:
Decreases Axe Tornado and Magma Eruption skill cooldown by 1 second.

Refine Level +11:
Increases damage of Axe Tornado by 15%.
Item Script
{ [email protected] = getrefine(); bonus bBaseAtk,4*[email protected]; bonus bUnbreakableWeapon; bonus2 bSubSize,Size_Small,10; bonus2 bSubSize,Size_Medium,10; if ([email protected]>=9) { bonus2 bSkillCooldown,"NC_AXETORNADO",-1000; bonus2 bSkillCooldown,"NC_MAGMA_ERUPTION",-1000; } if ([email protected]>=11) bonus2 bSkillAtk,"NC_AXETORNADO",15; },{},{}
Dropped ByNo Result

Metal Two Handed Axe [1]   [Two Handed]   Item ID# 1398 (Metal_Two_Handed_Axe)
Metal Two-Handed Axe
Type Weapon Class Two-handed Axe Buy 20z Sell 10z Weight 0
Attack 105Required Lvl NoneWeapon Lvl 3Slot 1
Applicable Jobs
Swordman Merchant Knight Blacksmith Crusader Alchemist
Description Two hand axe, which has enhanced the ability to join Emveretarcon and Steel Metal

For every refine, ATK +7.

Base Level 20 or Higher:
ATK +5 for every 10 Base Level above 20. (applies up to Base Level 120.)

Item Script
{ bonus bUnbreakableWeapon; bonus bBaseAtk,(getrefine()*7); [email protected] = min(BaseLevel/10,12); if([email protected]>2) bonus bBaseAtk,(([email protected])*5); },{},{}
Dropped ByNo Result

Mine Worker's Pickaxe [2]   [Two Handed]   Item ID# 28116 (Mine_Worker's_Pickaxe)
Type Weapon Class Two-handed Axe Buy 10z Sell 5z Weight 400
Attack 300Required Lvl 100Weapon Lvl 3Slot 2
Applicable Jobs
Description A Pickaxe used by miner whose work at the gold mine. A little heavy, but have great attack power.

Adds a chance of gaining CRIT +20 for 7 seconds when dealing melee physical attacks.

Refine Level +7: Critical damage +5%.
Refine Level +9: Critical damage +10%.

More Information on Combo:
Item Script
{ bonus bUnbreakableWeapon; autobonus "{ bonus bCritical,20; }",5,7000,BF_SHORT,"{ specialeffect2 EF_ENCHANCE; }"; [email protected] = getrefine(); if ([email protected]>=9) { bonus bCritAtkRate,15; } else if ([email protected]>=7) { bonus bCritAtkRate,5; } },{},{}
Dropped By
Elite Buffalo Bandit